A Boy and His Soul (Oberon Modern Plays)

A Boy and His Soul (Oberon Modern Plays)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1783190582

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Where do you get SOUL? From watching your parents sell the house you grew up in? From discovering the family secret about your crazy cousin? Or from the childhood records found in your parents’ basement? From Stevie, Aretha, Marvin, Chaka, Barry, Gladys…and Colman. Propelled by the beat of classic soul, smooth R&B and disco, this is the soundtrack of a boy’s coming of age in 70s and 80s Philadelphia.

A Boy and His Soul was the recipient of the Lucille Lortel Award Best Solo Show, GLAAD Media Award Best Play On or Off Broadway and the ITBA Best Solo Show awards.

"A blazingly charismatic performer." New York Times

"Personal, poignant and pungent… [an] evocative, moving piece about a man who finds himself and a large part of his identity through music." The Stage

"A beautiful and tender one-man show." Daily Telegraph

"Its sprinkling of sharp observations coupled with a heartfelt love for the music makes A Boy and His Soul hard to resist." What's On Stage

"The characters created by Domingo… are so colourful, so likeable, so simply yet vividly embodied… it is difficult to resist." Official London Theatre

"Leaves you yelping for more." Observer

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Nigga! I don’t put on no airs for nobody, I like my music loud and my men tough as HELL. If somebody don’t want to hear my music, buy some earplugs or move the fuck off the block! What!? JAY: Averie, a delicate flower, actually introduced me to the sounds of Donna Summer, Sylvester, and the Silvers. Disco! (Music cue: “The Hustle”.) When we were growing up her best friends were Donny and Martin. Donny loved wearing eyeliner and lip-gloss. Martin was very bowlegged and was amazing at Double

Not Cricket (Paines Plough), Darkling (Prithvi Theatre/Paines Plough), Replica (Nabokov). Titas was also Assistant Director on the Tricycle productions Red Velvet and Stones in his Pockets. RICHARD KENT Designer Upcoming work includes: Handbagged (Tricycle). Theatre includes: Paper Dolls (Tricycle), The Dance of Death (Trafalgar Studios); Josephine Hart Poetry Week (ARTS); Macbeth (Sheffield Crucible); 13 (NYMT, Apollo); Clockwork (Hightide Festival); Titanic – Scenes From The British Wreck

whenever things got tense, or the road got hard it was just… (CLARENCE sings the chorus and then the next verse and then the chorus all the while interjecting with “Do you know this song?”, “Sing with me if you want to”, and “This is your one time!” and “One more time.” before the last chorus. During this song JAY becomes the Stylistics and the whole mood is that of the period.) (Music fades under during this monologue.) JAY: My parents’ love was in the music. I could feel it. My love would be

About this much! (She snaps her finger.) Look at my beautiful grand baby. I’m so happy that y’all came down. Thank you. My children. Averie? Where’s Ricky? AVERIE: Don’t get me started. He took the Greyhound! EDIE: Oh Lawd. He ain’t never gonna get here! AUNT NITA: Well come on ya’ll! Your father is half dead, chile, we better get on over to that hospital. (Music cue: Smokey Robinson’s “Cruisin”.) JAY: Driving in Aunt Nita’s Ford Granada was an experience. As she turned the ignition the tape

includes, Jerry Springer the Opera (Cambridge Theatre), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (International Tour), A Little Night Music (Garrick Theatre), End Of The Rainbow (Trafalgar Studios) and currently Top Hat (UK Tour/Aldwych). Mike has designed and operated plays and musicals all over the world. Support Us The Tricycle Theatre has always been a pioneer and a risk-taker. As we herald a new chapter, your support will help us to continue this bold tradition during uncertain economic times.

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