A Wounded Name

A Wounded Name

Dot Hutchison

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1467708879

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ophelia Castellan will never be just another girl at Elsinore Academy. Seeing ghosts is not a skill prized in future society wives. Even when she takes her pills, the bean sidhe beckon, reminding her of a promise to her dead mother. Now, in the wake of the Headmaster's sudden death, the whole academy is in turmoil, and Ophelia can no longer ignore the fae. Especially once she starts seeing the Headmaster's ghosts—--two of them--—on the school grounds. Her only confidante is Dane, the Headmaster's grieving son. Yet even as she gives more of herself to him, Dane spirals toward a tragic fate—--dragging Ophelia, and the rest of Elsinore, with him. You know how this story ends. Yet even in the face of certain death, Ophelia has a choice to make—and a promise to keep.

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now-dead butt against the heel of his shoe, then tucks it behind his ear to dispose of later. “I was unbelievably nervous before my first bout,” he offers, a new contribution to this impromptu tribute. “I spent the entire day before pacing myself into a sick frenzy—couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, snapped at everyone and everything. After dinner, the Headmaster took me to the gym and handed me my gloves and started working me through simple warm-ups. He held the heavy bag or sparred with the

am a pain he understands. There isn’t a thing in the world that can make sense of a murder, of the loss of a father, but a bruise … a bruise is such a simple thing to understand. It’s science. It’s fact. It’s me. I tug the sleeves down to hide my wrists and turn the overhead lights back on. The door opens and doesn’t quite close, and shapes pass by me in the sudden brightness. It takes a moment to recognize Messrs. Voltemand and Cornelius, from Monticello Academy and Reggie Fortin’s

could tell him now, tell all of them, and finally be free of this terrible truth. I could tell them about the poison, produce the syringe from the clothespress at the foot of the bed. Gertrude and Father slip into easy and meaningless parental prattle—hormones and phases and other nonsense I can hardly bear. And I could silence them so easily. I could tell them how Claudius murdered his sleeping brother, stole from his corpse all life, love, and position. I could tell them of the ghost that

fool nowhere but in his own house. Good-bye!” He leaps for the door, then slowly turns on one heel. He seems to look at me, but he watches the swiveling camera. With a swift pounce, he drags me to my feet and against the wall, my back pressed against the edge of the tapestry that hides the hall. “For love of her father, Jephthah’s daughter never married, but perhaps, for all his foolishness, your old man is no Jephthah, so if you should marry, I’ll give you this plague for your dowry: even if

light; may the days deny me all pleasure and the nights all rest; to desperation turn my trust and hope, as in a prison with no scope beyond its barren walls. May every curse follow me and give me lasting strife if, once I become a widow, I should ever be a wife.” “Oh, if she should break that now!” Dane laughs again, a manic sound that splinters the silence of the tiny audience. All but Horatio and I flinch. “A second time cursed, and by her own tongue both times.” “It’s a heavy promise.” The

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