Alfie: My Life, My Music, My Story

Alfie: My Life, My Music, My Story

Alfie Boe

Language: English

Pages: 400


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From car mechanic to internationally loved opera, musical and recording star: the story of Alfie Boe...Alfie Boe is the first official bad boy of opera: a musical superstar celebrated not only in Britain, but worldwide. This is the story of his life - the ups and the downs, from finding fame to losing his father - and, essentially, of his love affair with music. Raised in Lancashire, the youngest of nine children and with a father who played opera at home, Alfie's story is not typical of most musical stars. His dreams of singing were only ever going to be dreams until fate intervened in the form of a stranger: he was training as a car mechanic when a customer overheard him singing and told him about a London audition. Alfie tried out, got the part and has never since looked back. This is the tale of how Alfie went from car mechanic to the UK's most popular and well-known opera star, lauded by Baz Luhrman, Cameron Mackintosh and Michael Parkinson as the best tenor we've produced in a generation. Now, for the first time, he has granted his millions of fans an intimate glimpse into the life of the man they adore.


Lust & Wonder

You Can Have Chips!

Sum It Up: 1,098 Victories, A Couple of Irrelevant Losses, and a Life in Perspective
















hilarious, drumming for these 70-year-old women who thought they were Tina Turner. A lot less melodrama on that scene, none of the ridiculous teen-rock politics, and you got paid, �20, �30 a night – it was good money. In the big clubs you could get �40 for a session. Every night there’d be a singer, a keyboardist and someone like me on the drums. They’d give me the music but I couldn’t read dots, so I’d ask them what the songs were and learnt them pretty quickly. Got them all locked in my memory.

well, maybe some songs here and there. ‘Musetta’s Waltz’ would bring the house down, there’s a lot you could do with that cinematically. I’ve been working on a script with Sarah. Still a lot of work to do on it, a lot to rethink, but I know where I want the production to go, that’s what I’ve been concentrating on. It’s set in contemporary London. With the recession wreaking havoc, people out of work, the immigration issue – to me it all fits with La Bohème. So I’ve always connected to La Bohème,

the same opportunities as each other on a small programme like that, there shouldn’t be favouritism. I asked them why this was happening and they said, ‘We just think he’s more suited to those roles than you are, you’ll get the chances.’ And I said, ‘Well I’m not getting them, am I? Look at what I’m doing. I’m carrying a spear and pretending to dig a fucking hole.’ Those young artists programmes don’t equip you with anything other than the experience of playing one stage. The classes they run,

But those gigs can wear you down, that endless cycle. Driving, driving, driving, four times a week, hundreds of miles to different venues, and then half the time I’d turn up and there’d be no microphone, or no dressing room. Eating my dinner in the back of the car. My rider request was minimal, tea-making facilities, a towel, some fruit and some crisps, but often I’d be lucky to get a bottle of water and a towel. I never knew what the venues would be like, what the audiences would be like, or if

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