And Then I Thought I Was a Fish

And Then I Thought I Was a Fish

Peter Hunt Welch

Language: English

Pages: 270

ISBN: 0985318139

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

ATIENT NAME: Peter Hunt Welch SEX: M ADMIT DATE: 10/18/2000 DOB: 02/28/1980 HISTORY OF PRESENTING ILLNESS: The patient was a fairly poor historian, appearing unable to provide a coherent description of the events preceding his current hospitalization. In a rather vague and disorganized manner, he acknowledged the presence of persecutory concerns. He reported unusual experiences like having seen the earth and the bottom of the sea. In the emergency room, he reported concerns that he might have killed a buddy of his and that he could take a friend's soul from his body. He also reported his ability to be in contact with God. Initially he denied any alcohol or drug use. Later on, he admitted having had LSD on several occasions. He described his trips as traveling the world and touching things. He also acknowledged the use of heroin, crack cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy, and speed, but he was not able to provide more details. THIS REPORT IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Redisclosure is prohibited by law. NOTE: This information has been disclosed to you from records whose confidentiality is protected by federal law. Federal regulations (42CFR part 2) prohibit you from making any further disclosure of it without the specific written consent of the person to whom it pertains, or as otherwise permitted by such regulations. A general authorization for the release of medical or other information is NOT sufficient for this purpose. PERMISSION REQUEST: I would like to ask myself if it's okay to put my medical records in a book to entertain total strangers. I need explicit permission. PERMISSION APPROVAL: Because of our tautological relationship, I hereby explicitly grant myself the right to publish this information in whatever form I please.

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breathing. I did this because of my preternatural acid awareness; he did it because he was just really good at stuff like that. I think we were there for five, ten minutes, though it was probably less. 77 • And en I ought I Was a Fish Eventually I saw an opening and dove for it, way too fast, triggering Jun’s kung-fu reflexes, and he hurled me to the ground. I stood, out of breath, at once chastised and honored. I like to imagine the cops’ conversation. “Buncha kids.” “Yup. Probably from

chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk. In less than a second, each region is given a sequence that fits the data. No more errors rise to the top. I agree with Hawkins later point that “consciousness is simply what it feels like to have a cortex.” LSD starts a chain reaction that alters this experience of the cortex, which means LSD is doing something radical to the cortical process. An LSD trip is a constant stream of “aha!” moments and complete disorientation, as if every step you took put you in a

See. With the Power of my Eyes. The Whales. Traveling back in time would be involved. Why or how was unimportant, as Anastasia, being a magical princess, would figure it out somehow. The next time the whale watch boat went off, I chased after it, but I was too late. I shouted “Anastasia!” in front of some confused tourists. I assumed I’d simply missed the boat, and she was on to her quest without me. At the time, I had a pew8 This took about an hour, tops. 9 At Tanagra. 114 • And en I

thinking she was someone else. When I finally caught up to her, she took one look at me and decided I was tripping out, and just a harmless shy kid with a crush. One hundred hours prior, she would have been right, and to her credit, she was close. She had no idea I thought she was someone else. She talked to me patiently, asked me if I was tripping, which I denied, and I tried to mumble my way through the infinitely complex explanation 116 • And en I ought I Was a Fish for my behavior in a

down the information about my car when he suddenly realized that it was my car he was leaning on. He’d just returned from the hospital in Bar Harbor, where he’d taken a kid he’d found wander- 143 • And en I ought I Was a Fish ing around the parking lot in his underwear acting crazy. My baby. I got a ride to Southwest Harbor, picked up the car and headed for the hospital. The people at the hospital were happy to find out who you were, since you had been unable to tell them. This was the

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