Attaboy, Sam!

Attaboy, Sam!

Lois Lowry

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0544582365

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Why won't Sam Krupnik allow his mother to enter his bedroom? Why has he started calling his toy box The Lab? And why does he carry a Ziplock bag in his pocket al all times? What's the big secret? Well, his mother's birthday is approaching, and she has told her family that what she really wants are homemade gifts. Sam has decided to invent a special, surprise perfume just for her--a concoction that will combine all of her favorite smells. Now the question is: Exactly how does one go about bottling the quirky collection of scents on Mrs. Krupnik's list of favorites? If anyone can find a way--or at least have loads of fun trying--it's Sam, Anastasia's precocious younger borther.

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Mrs. Sheehan said. "It's as friendly as can be." "I know," Sam said. Under his breath, so Mrs. Sheehan wouldn't hear, he whispered sadly, "My daddy is 'lergic." "Well, you think about it, okay? And don't forget—a free bag of cat food goes with each kitten!" She jiggled Kelly on her hip and turned to go back into the house. Sam peeked into the box one more time and saw that the gray kitten had gone to sleep again. He scampered back across the yard and up the porch steps to ring Gertrustein's

just by looking out the car window, especially in the corner of the park, where the wind blew things up against the fence. But there was no litter around the Sheehans' cat at all. There were five kittens instead. Thinking about that this morning made Sam feel a little sad. He was thinking of the gray kitten curled in a ball, sleeping, and the way it had purred when he stroked its head with his finger. Dumbo. That's what he would name that kitten, Sam decided, because it was gray and had big

Full O' Nuts on the side. He decided to check out his sister's room. "Anastasia?" he called, standing at the foot of her stairs. Anastasia's bedroom was on the third floor, in a sort of tower that stuck out on the side of their big, old house. Sam thought that his sister was very lucky to have a tower room, and sometimes he sort of wished that he could live in a tower, too, but not really, because it might be scary at night. "What?" she called back. "Can I come up? I mean, may I come up?"

Anastasia made a face. "The smell of little babies?" she said. Mrs. Krupnik nodded. "I went over to the Parishes' the other morning, when you guys were at school, because I'd bought them a baby present when Alexander was born. But I somehow never got around to taking it over, and now, my goodness, it's been more than two months. So I went over to deliver the gift, and the baby was awake—Nancy Parish had just bathed him—and I suddenly remembered how much I've always loved the smell of new

"What do you mean?" "I mean, your favorite smell?" She nodded. "Well, I'd call it one of my favorites," she replied. That was all Sam needed to hear. "Anastasia," he asked politely, "can I go with you when you babysit with sweet little Alexander?" "May," Anastasia corrected patiently. "May I?" Sam asked. Anastasia sighed. "I suppose so," she said. "If Mrs. Parish doesn't mind. I'll ask her when I call." The Parishes lived very near the Krupniks, in the middle of the next block. Sam

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