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Pages: 480

ISBN: 014310750X

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Autobiography covers Morrissey's life from his birth until the present day.

Steven Patrick Morrissey was born in Manchester on May 22nd 1959. Singer-songwriter and co-founder of the Smiths (1982–1987), Morrissey has been a solo artist for twenty-six years, during which time he has had three number 1 albums in England in three different decades.

Achieving eleven Top 10 albums (plus nine with the Smiths), his songs have been recorded by David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra, Marianne Faithfull, Chrissie Hynde, Thelma Houston, My Chemical Romance and Christy Moore, amongst others.

An animal protectionist, in 2006 Morrissey was voted the second greatest living British icon by viewers of the BBC, losing out to Sir David Attenborough. In 2007 Morrissey was voted the greatest northern male, past or present, in a nationwide newspaper poll. In 2012, Morrissey was awarded the Keys to the City of Tel-Aviv.

It has been said “Most pop stars have to be dead before they reach the iconic status that Morrissey has reached in his lifetime.”

In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir

The Breakaway

Fear Drive My Feet

American Titan: Searching for John Wayne

Lettin It All Hang Out: An Autobiography

What If...: A Lifetime of Questions, Speculations, Reasonable Guesses, and a Few Things I Know for Sure



















that the house had not been in my name for many years – long before the court action – Joyce withdraws his attack, leaving me with new legal bills of £200,000 for defending myself against his whims. Joyce then takes action to claim my sister’s home, where she lives with her two children. The process begins again, and once again Joyce is thwarted since that house, also, is not registered to me. Once again I must lay out up to £100,000 deflecting his harassment. Finally, he lays claim on all of

a comforting answer for the finite and infinite, the temporal and spiritual, with no grasping insistence that tomorrow, after all, will not be just another day. Isn’t it all too burdensome, this life, with so much loss taking its root in the heart, as the body goes spinning on towards a dreadful cessation. As Rita dies, I am a clenched fist, and we are soon in the church, where our intensity must be contained because you must accept that for a while you are here, and then one day you are not,

wrist. A heavy bandage is worn with pride for months to come, teaching me all I shall ever need to know about attention and style. Jeane is asked to watch me one afternoon whilst everyone disappears to grapple with life’s grim duties, and she feeds me rice pudding for lunch with a spoon so large that it locks in my throat and I can’t pull it out. I panic, and run away from Jeane, who I am certain is trying to kill me. My best friend is Anthony Morris, whose mother Eunice had been friends with

and the lonely traveler is engulfed. When we all finally meet at the airport there is enough silence to indicate the end. As we separate in Manchester, fatality shrieks. Behind my back, Joe Moss has coerced Johnny, Andy and Mike into axing the singer, and Joe carts all three buffos off to a legal firm in order to sharpen the blade against the Morrissey monolith. Since Joe himself has written himself out of the picture, he has no wish to see the little tugboat sail on, and the Morrissey monsoon

tabs on 506 jackets, and how to spot a genuine chambray shirt. In a beer-fed gallop, the dancefloor shakes with the thunder of unfolding pleasure. Naturally, I can’t join in because someone would laugh at me, but I emerge from it all slightly bolder in demeanor, and Lord may a hand stretch out to greet me. We had traveled with Tim to Berlin to make the girly-gush Pregnant for the last time video, and then to Arizona for the self-damned My love life, where I am seen driving through the streets

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