Bandit (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Puppy Place)

Bandit (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Puppy Place)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0606239235

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. When Lizzie discovers an abandoned Shih Tzu at a highway rest stop, she and her family foster the puppy, but they soon learn that Bandit was abandoned because he needs an expensive operation.

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Charles’s favorite chocolate bar. But she didn’t smell like chocolate. She smelled deliciously of dog. Her yellowish eyes were bright, her ears were alert, and her brown nose twitched and shivered, working overtime to sniff out all the good downtown smells. She had long, gangly legs and huge, chunky paws, and she was at least twice as big as Buddy. “What’s her name?” he asked Meg. “Cocoa,” said Meg. When the dog heard her name, she whirled around and jumped up excitedly onto Meg, making her

Lizzie answered before the lady could say anything. “It’s a Shih Tzu, isn’t it?” she asked. Slowly, so she wouldn’t scare the puppy, she reached out a hand for it to sniff. Lizzie had seen pictures of Shih Tzus before, but she hadn’t paid that much attention. She loved all dogs, she really did. But small dogs? Maybe she loved them just a teensy bit less than she loved big dogs. And Shih Tzus were very, very small. On her “Dog Breeds of the World” poster, she remembered now, it said that the

Lizzie went over to pick Bandit up. Immediately, he forgot all about playing and squirmed comfortably into her lap, gazing up at her with his shiny black eyes. “You’re a cuddle-bug, aren’t you?” Lizzie asked him. Sure, whatever you say. Just keep on petting me. Dad came over to pet Bandit, too. He shook his head. “I tried to resist, but I can’t help myself. I just love this dog.” “Why would you try to resist?” Charles asked. He and the Bean were lying on the floor, petting Buddy. “Well.” Dad

they’d left, “what about his operation?” Lizzie sighed. “Charles and I made a list of all the things we’ll need to do to help Bandit.” She grabbed her notebook and read aloud. “ ‘Number One: Take good care of him until he gets his operation.’ That’s easy. We’re used to taking care of puppies. ‘Number Two: Figure out how he’s going to get down to Boston and back.’ That’s a lot harder.” “No, it isn’t,” yelled someone from the kitchen. “I’ll take care of that. Transportation is my job.” Uncle

all over the sidewalk, barking nonstop and jumping up on Lizzie and the other dogs. Lizzie walked back toward Sunset as quickly as she could, stopping every few feet to untangle leashes, clean up poop, wipe drool off her pants, or let a dog sniff or pee. It was a relief to drop off Atlas, then Scruffy. Tank and Maxx barked at each other for three straight blocks after that, but Dottie, being deaf, didn’t seem bothered. By the time Lizzie made it back to Maxx’s house, she was exhausted. As she

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