Batter Up! (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)

Batter Up! (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)

Jake Maddox

Language: English

Pages: 72

ISBN: 1434205150

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Caleb has always batted with the same wood bat ― until the other team accuses Caleb of cheating by tampering with the bat! Now Caleb is forced to use the aluminum bat. How is he supposed to help his team win when he keeps striking out?

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that winning or losing the game was in his hands. It didn’t matter that he had struck out three times. It didn’t matter that this was his only chance to prove that his bat was usable. All that mattered was that he had the chance. Gently swinging his bat, Caleb stepped into the batter’s box and eyed the Oilers’ pitcher. Caleb took his stance, and gently pushed the bat through the hitting zone with a few wide, slow sweeps. As the pitcher went into his windup, Caleb’s grip on the magic bat

screaming. The people in the stands watching were cheering too. By the time Caleb’s foot hit third base, he felt like he was flying. He had done it. Caleb had just won the first game of the season for his team. Plus, he had also earned the right to keep using his magical wooden bat for the rest of the season. He slapped Coach Bergen’s hand as he rounded third and ran into the crowd around home plate. Caleb’s teammates spread apart so he would have a clear path to touch the base. Once he ran

dugout. Coach Bergen was waiting there for him. The coach had a big smile on his face. Caleb had a feeling that meant the coach had good news for him. He was right. “Well, you’ve got your bat back,” Coach Bergen said. He reached into his bat bag and pulled out Caleb’s wooden bat. He handed it to Caleb, who immediately checked for the C-21 marking he had made on the handle. It was there. “That’s awesome,” Caleb said. “What did they say?” “Nothing,” Coach Bergen said. “The bat was waiting in

wood bat?” Caleb said. “Now that I know they are legal, I thought I’d try one,” the catcher said. “Pretty nice.” The Spuds struck out the next three batters to end the top of the first inning. They jogged into their dugout to get ready to hit. Caleb was set to bat third. Coach Bergen had moved him higher in the order, since now he could use his prized wooden bat. After the first batter of the inning reached base, Caleb was on deck. He began to warm up with his bat. But something didn’t seem

quick motion with his hand, throwing Caleb out of the game. Caleb glanced around the field. All the Oilers players were laughing. The catcher was laughing really hard. “I knew he was a cheater!” he said. There was nothing Caleb could do. He had used an illegal bat. There was no way to argue that point. But he knew it wasn’t really his bat. He just didn’t have a way to prove it. Caleb was speechless. The umpire had handed the bat pieces to Coach Bergen, who handed them to Caleb. He eyed them

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