Betrayed: The Legend of Oak Island (Stories of Canada)

Betrayed: The Legend of Oak Island (Stories of Canada)

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 189491791X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fate of the known world is settled on the shores of Canada In Christopher Dinsdale’s third historical adventure for young readers, Connor MacDonald and his mother have encountered Henry Sinclair, Norwegian prince and Earl of Orkney, who rescues them from highwaymen. Prince Henry is an adventurer who has sailed to the farthest reaches of the known world. On a dark Egyptian beach, he was given a treasure so precious that kings would sacrifice everything in order to acquire it. But unlike the warmongering monarchs of Europe, Prince Henry intends it to become an everlasting beacon of peace and devises a plan so bold that only the exiled Order of the Knights Templar could even dare conceive of it. Events soon lead Connor, now a squire, his friend Angus and Prince Henry to the shores of Vinland and to Oak Island. The fate of the Templar Knights rests in the hands of two Scottish teenagers and their Mikmaq friend, Na’gu’set, as they desperately try to identify the dark forces that threaten not only to destroy them but the entire Templar Order.

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beautiful full-length dress of purple trimmed in gold. Connor’s mouth fell open. Angus looked over at his gaping friend and couldn’t help but snort with laughter. As she took Prince Henry’s arm, the members of the Order crossed themselves and bowed their heads reverently. Amazed but confused, Connor followed the lead of those around him. The audience lifted their eyes as Prince Henry took her hand and smiled. “I am the Earl of Orkney, and with my title, I will have to eventually return from New

in front of me cannot solve a problem of their own creation! If I have to, I’ll beg you good men on my knees to find another way to rescue my brother!” She spied Sir Rudyard near the bottom of the collapsed shaft, barely recognizable under the layers of grime that covered his face and body. He had volunteered to do the most dangerous of the digging, below the level of the reinforced walls, and his eyes swelled with pain as he surveyed the devastation. He had been within a mere few feet of

likely end in his capture and eventual death, but it would ensure that his sister would find safety beyond the horizon. The final battle was about to begin. “Let’s teach those English bloodsuckers a thing or two about sailing!” he cried to his men. “New heading! South by southeast! Load the remaining gunpowder into the aft cannon. Let’s show them what our small ship can do. Let’s set sail for Roslin!” Epilogue Present Day The boy ignored the soda sloshing out of his half-full can of Coke. He

darted between the gas pumps, underneath an eighteen-wheeler and almost knocked over a woman carrying a bag of Doritos and the Sunday paper. Ignoring her angry outburst, the boy tore around the corner of the massive truck stop and burst into his grandfather’s office. “I can see it! The helicopter! He’s here!” The grandfather smiled at his excited grandson then calmly glanced down to his watch. 2:48 p.m. Right on time. He turned in his chair, turned off the laptop and reached for his cowboy hat.

determine the genetic relationships between the various North American First Nations people. The more similar the DNA, the closer they are related.” “I remember hearing about some sort of genetic testing going on,” said Thomas. “The scientists were in for a big shock when they examined the results,” continued the president. “A genetic marker found only in Europeans somehow appeared in many members of the Iroquois First Nation, including that of the Oneida.” “Well, Mr. President, I’m sure I

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