Beyond the Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer

Beyond the Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer

Elizabeth Klarer

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1891824775

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the autobiographical story of Elizabeth Klarer, a South African woman, and Akon, an astrophysicist from Meton, a planet of Proxima Centuri that, at a distance of about 4.3 light years, is our nearest stellar neighbor. Elizabeth was taken in his spaceship to Meton, where she lived with him and his family for four months and where she bore his child. Her life on Meton is fascinatingly described. Akon brought Elizabeth back to Earth after the birth of their son and continued to visit her thereafter.

Akon explained how his spaceship's light-propulsion technology operated, and how it allowed him and his people to travel across vast interstellar distances. This technology is explained in detail in the book.

Elizabeth was given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress of UFO Research Groups at Weisbaden in 1975, and her speech as guest of honor was applauded by scientists of twenty-two nations.

Light Technology Publishing is proud to bring you the long-awaited American edition of Beyond the Light Barrier, which was first published in English in 1980.

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this. You know what to look for, you are not afraid, and I can think of no one more qualified. Besides, you have intuition and imagination, which is very important in this advanced research. Will you do it for us?” “Of course I shall do it,” I answered without hesitation. “Thank you, my dear,” the Chief said. “I feel sure something will come of this. Help and guidance will be given to the sorely afflicted peoples of this planet, who seem unable to live in peace and harmony. And as you know, you

anything in their power to get it.” Earth scientists were now closing in with their magnetic probes, closing in around this beautiful spaceship of light. It was invisible to the seeking eyes of men and radar, but not to the magnetic probe from Shirley Bay, nor to a Vostok in orbit with a crew of three. “Earth-constructed flying saucers have been brought to ground,” explained Akon, “and their secrets probed by scientists when they crashed back to the surface of Earth. This has caused much

After reading George Adamski’s Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953) and Inside the Space Ships (1955), Klarer suddenly remembered that she had been receiving occasional telepathic messages from a friendly space alien named Akon since childhood. Akon was presumably unrelated to Adamski’s Venusian space friend Orthon. She was able to take photos of the ship from the Drakensberg Mountains on July 17, 1955. Elizabeth managed to call down Akon and his scout ship on April 7, 1956, for an actual landing.

my face up to his. “My chosen one, these pearls were left in the casket by my mother. She left them for my chosen one, whom she knew would come from another planet.” Akon’s House on Meton Men of Earth Live in a World of Chaos and Destruction. These Are the Heights of Their Understanding, and Hydrogen Bombs Are the Limit of Their Power. Pleia and Haben came to me and put their arms about me, hugging and kissing me on both cheeks. “Welcome home, dear one,” said Pleia. “We are your

upheavals through the eons changed the face of the lands and the seas in the equatorial and southern regions. The descendants of these people are now so interbred and sorely affected by continuous cycles of climatic and environmental changes and extremes of weather that they are almost unrecognizable. Except for some of them here and there, they no longer bear any resemblance to the tall, golden-skinned race of humankind, with aquiline features and almond eyes, who were our forebears from Venus

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