Big Little Book Of Playboy's Party Jokes

Big Little Book Of Playboy's Party Jokes

Editors of Playboy Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 408

ISBN: 2:00266428

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Culled from more than fifty years of joketelling,
Big Little Book of Playboy Party Jokes
is a collection of the most uproarious shaggy
dogs, one-liners, ditties, and zingers ever
to appear in the pages of Playboy magazine


A Sample:

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Extreme Rambling: Walking Israel's Separation Barrier. For Fun.

The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and the History of American Comedy

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Obnoxiously Gross Jokes Volume XXVIII





















friend rold me that marriage was like a cruise down tlte 1edite!Till1ean-like a sail imo a glorious unset." ·'Qh. she did, eh?" said the guy, now trembling with uncontrollable e;xcitement. " \\'ell, bon vo age, baby-l' m aili ng without you!" Anoptimist is a ma n who looks fonvard to marriage. A p imist is a married optimi t. It was the first day for J oyce, the newly hired sales clerk in the matemity hop, and a hectic day it had been. lltc tore had been crowded from the moment its doors o

with my wife. So that we can ~ttle t11is matter intelligently, please see me in my office at three P.M. sharp on Friday." The "other man," a mu ed by the hu band's formal manner, ca lled in his own ecretary and dictated this reply: " Dear Sir: Received your circular letter th is morning. Be advised that I will attend the cheduled conference on time." A married man we know relaxed o n a recent busin trip by enjoying a lively weekend with a lively blonde who was not hi wife. Not long after

mile. "You are hocked; I am surprised ." ././1th ink you've made a mistake in my bill," aid tl1e patron, after three stiff, top- helf Manhattans in a swank 'ew York bar. " You've onl charged me iliree bucks." ·• o mistake," replied ilie ban ender. ''I onJy charge a dollar a drink." "Fantastic,'' said the delighted patron. " But how, at a dollar a drink, can you afford to operate such a plush bar? Are you ilie mm er?" " 'o," confided the banender. "The owner' up tairs wiili my wife. And what he's

and poiJ dte child." An e.xceedingly a!tractive young nurse walked calmly along the hospital corridor wid1 a portion of her bo om expo ed . A staff doCior, pas~ing by, noticed the e.xpo ure and colded her for this improper how of her chann . Blushing. the nurse mummred, 'Tm orry, sir, bu1 it' these dam intem s-dtey never put anything back when they're dtrough with it." A new hop opened in the heart of the litde 10wn, with no ign of any ort on its awning, door. or window, dte neare t thing 10

ancie.Jit pm, e rb comes from" 'Porty acquaintance of 011" '' ho ~=us Lltat n•o head are mdeed better than one. <="~ally '' he.n Lltey hap~ to be o n Lite "'me coin. "'"""' £) 183 Sam and AJ hatllx""' pannen for many yean and they sha~d and sha~ alike in almost evel)'t.hing. including tl1e aiTection of tl1e attncti•·e and rather hot-bloodffi arcouming VI' at the company they had foundt•tl. One moming Sam came into Al's office c:xu-,mely upset. "AJ," he moaned. "a complicatio n ha> come up.

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