Blu (Yale Drama Series)

Blu (Yale Drama Series)

Virginia Grise

Language: English

Pages: 78

ISBN: 0300169221

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Memory, history, and culture collide with the starlit rooftop dreams of a myth-inspired character as Soledad and her partner, Hailstorm, redefine family on their own terms after the death of their eldest son in Iraq. blu, steeped in poetic realism and contemporary politics, challenges us to try to imagine a time before war.

Selected as the winner of the 2010 Yale Drama competition from more than 950 submissions, Virginia Grise’s play blu takes place in the present but looks back on the not too distant past through a series of prayers, rituals, and dreams. Contest judge David Hare commented, "Virginia Grise is a blazingly talented writer, and her play blu stays with you a long time after you’ve read it." Noting that 2010 was a banner year for women playwrights, he added, "Women’s writing for the theatre is stronger and more eloquent than it has ever been."

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dead too long. (Lights up on eme in jail, reading a letter from blu.) BLU  at night. in the dark. city lights. ruins of palaces. destroyed. at night in the dark. the tigris river. rising in the tauras mountains falling into mosul. tikrit. samarra. baghdad. at night in the dark. flashes of light. sounds i hear in my sleep. bombs dropping. children yelling. drive-bys. flags snapping in the desert wind. blu 49 EME & BLU  at night. in the dark. it’s hard to breathe sometimes. BLU  throat always

dry. swallow the sand. caught in throat. bones in back of spine. tears turn to stone. gray. EME & BLU  narrow alleyways. crumbling buildings. BLU  hot. EME  endless. BLU & EME  light. swift. accurate. BLU  800 rounds per minute. feel the vibrations in my body. my whole body shakes. BLU & EME  can’t stop. close my eyes. BLU  spend most of my time BLU & EME  not being me. BLU  listen to the radio. BLU & EME  think about home. (Lights up on gemini reading a letter from blu.) BLU & GEMINI & EME

GEMINI  let it go . . . (lunatico eventually drops his bags, not sure if he is staying or leaving.) GEMINI  sky, moon, blue (hailstorm, eme & soledad appear in separate pools of light before they begin speaking. They are staring at the horizon.) HAILSTORM  ocean blue LUNATICO  pair of pants, marker blue EME  bandana, sky, heart blue. SOLEDAD  blu. HAILSTORM  ssssh. SOLEDAD  blu. HAILSTORM  ssssh. SOLEDAD  blu. HAILSTORM  ssssh . . . ssssh . . . ssssh . . . ssssh. EME sound turns to waves breaking

round my wrists, pinchin my skin and my legs are right up against the backseat and it’s like i can’t move and i still can’t believe this is happenin. BLU & LUNATICO & COP  put a pair of handcuffs on me in front of everyone. i can’t move. i can’t talk. i’m just sittin there. the cuffs get tighter round my wrists. i know not to say nuthin and the more i keep quiet the more angry the cop gets. i can’t say shit but i’m thinkin fuck you, fuck you, fuck you motherfucker and i want to kick the back of

really BLU  but the ocean water, she’ll carry me. ocean waters, carry me, carry me home. (Sound of the helicopters in the distance.) LUNATICO  gemini? GEMINI  yeah, luna? LUNATICO  you know. ain’t no one ever ask me what i dream. (Light like moonlight shines on soledad and hailstorm. soledad is sitting between hailstorm’s legs. They are alone.) HAILSTORM  close your eyes. (She kisses soledad’s eyelids.) HAILSTORM  how many stars you see? SOLEDAD  too many to count. (beat.) you know, i wasn’t sure

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