Cam Jansen and the Birthday Mystery (Cam Jansen, Book 20)

Cam Jansen and the Birthday Mystery (Cam Jansen, Book 20)

David A. Adler

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1419367285

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this beginning chapter book, the twentieth in the Cam Jansen series, Cam throws a surprise birthday party for her parents. An even bigger surprise comes when her grandparents call from the airport to ask for help in recovering their luggage and parcels, which a man has just stolen. Police and parents bumble about, well meaning but ineffective, but Cam's photographic memory provides a clue that leads to the thief's arrest.

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Eric, and Cam’s parents kept looking for Cam’s grandparents. Honk! Honk! The driver waiting behind their car wanted to go. Mr. Jansen lowered his window. “Granny! Gramps!” he called. The people closest to the car turned, but they weren’t Cam’s grandparents. Honk! Honk! “I’m parking in section four,” Mr. Jansen said. He drove to the parking lot entrance. Mr. Jansen drove to the gate. He pulled out a time card. The gate went up and he entered the lot. “Granny! Gramps!” Mr. Jansen called as

he drove slowly through the lot. “Granny! Gramps!” Cam called. The airport was noisy. Planes were landing nearby. Horns were honking. No one heard Mr. Jansen and Cam. It was a very large lot. The parking spots closest to the path were taken. Mr. Jansen drove to an almost empty part of the lot. He parked against the fence. Mr. Jansen hurried out of the car. Cam and Eric were about to follow him when Mrs. Jansen stopped them. “Don’t run ahead,” she told Cam and Eric. “This airport is a big

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lot. Many of them were also carrying luggage. Cam watched cabs ride past and let their passengers off at the curb. Then the cabs joined the end of the line waiting to take people from the airport. The Walk sign lit up. The path across the road was quickly crowded with people walking to and from the terminal. “There they are,” Eric called out. He pointed to Cam’s grandparents and the two police officers. They were looking at the long line of cabs waiting by the curb. Cam ran to them. She told

was in the front. They locked the doors. They watched cars ride along the road, just on the other side of the parking lot fence. Each time they saw a cab, Cam and her father wondered if the thief was driving it. Mr. Jansen pointed to the gray van and said, “That may not be the thief’s.” Cam said, “I think it is.” “Well, maybe it’s not,” Mr. Jansen said. “Maybe someone got here early for his flight. It was too early to bring his luggage to the terminal, so he’s eating dinner in one of the

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