Cheesie Mack Is Running like Crazy!

Cheesie Mack Is Running like Crazy!

Steve Colter

Language: English

Pages: 85

ISBN: 2:00170613

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers of Diary of a Wimpy Kid will love Cheesie's wacky lists, drawings, and made-up words as he tells the story of the weirdest election in the history of the sixth grade!

In his third adventure, Cheesie and his best friend, Georgie, are off to the middle school, where there will be lots of new kids and new teachers. Cheesie has a terrific idea--what better way to meet all the new kids than to run for class president? Plus, if he wins, it'll drive his evil older sister nuts! Then Cheesie gets bad news. One of his friends from his old school is also running for president. Cheesie has a tough decision to make, one that could affect his entire middle-school career. Should he bow out and support his friend, or go for the glory?

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windows.” “You broke two already,” I said. I wasn’t being mean. It was a fact. Georgie can really peg a baseball. “Your fault. You could’ve caught both of them.” “Yeah, if I had an extendo-arm.” Georgie ignored me. “If I could practice free throws at home, I bet I could make five out of five.” “Yeah, probably,” I replied. Maybe you think he was bragging, but Georgie was just telling the truth. He’s a terrific athlete. “We have a basketball hoop at our house,” Alex Welch said, jumping out

an eraser, a ruler, and lots of other stuff. 7. A chunk of dry ice. 8. About ten other items. I’m kidding about the dry ice. I just wanted to see if you’re the kind of reader who gets bored with lists and skips to the end. Dry ice is weird. It’s not ice at all. It’s actually frozen carbon dioxide, and if you put a chunk in water, it creates bubbles of white water vapor and CO2. Lots of Halloween displays use dry ice because the bubbles look sort of spooky. “You can have the bathroom,

of Treasure Island, so by the time we got back to Gloucester, I was way ahead on that assignment. (I have always wondered why you can get carsick reading in a car, but no one gets “bussick” reading on a bus. If you have a theory, please go to my website and tell me.) I guess Georgie’s announcing he was running for class president had gotten Eddie thinking about his own campaign because while we were on the field trip he came up with a creative idea. He bought a minuteman picture in the gift

replied, smiling warmly. Mr. Stotts directed us into his office. I was surprised to see Eddie Chapple sitting there. He looked very serious. “Kids,” Mr. Stotts began, “we’ve got a problem with those stilts.” “I kept my promise,” I said quickly. “We didn’t let anyone else … I mean, Ms. Hammerbord said teachers were allowed to try them.” Mr. Stotts smiled. “That’s not it. Your campaign slogan is ‘Stand tall for Sinkoff,’ right? Well, the problem is, Eddie here says his campaign slogan is ‘Rock

back on the pin, and lowered it quickly. When it was just above the chair, he jerked the string and the streamer fell off the pin right onto the chair. Georgie is super good at stuff like that. He reeled in the string just before Goon reappeared. She was frantic, but then totally perplexed when she saw her streamer sitting there in plain sight. The music changed and got really loud, and Goon spun into the center of the stage waving her streamers. Georgie and I laughed so hard we had to roll over

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