Christmas in Wellsworth (Thomas & Friends) (Thomas In Town)

Christmas in Wellsworth (Thomas & Friends) (Thomas In Town)

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0375863567

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thomas the Tank Engine can’t wait for the Wellsworth Christmas Eve Festival, but when stormy weather rolls in, he might miss the celebrations completely. This latest installment in the popular Thomas in Town hardcover storybook series is the perfect stocking stuffer for little boys, ages three to six.

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and new toys and clothing are given to every child. Boxing Day was beautiful. Thomas, James, and Henry were decorated and loaded with nice things for the children of Sodor. Then they chugged across the countryside. Everywhere the engines went, they were met with cheering. All the children loved their presents and taking rides around the towns to see the lights and decorations. Thomas couldn’t have been happier. “James,” he called, “what’s nicer than a white Christmas?” “What?” asked James.

preparations. Toby brought shoppers into town, James pulled freight cars full of decorations, and Henry had just delivered a large Christmas tree to the town square. The following night, Wellsworth would have a wonderful Christmas Eve festival. Everyone would gather to watch the lighting of the tree. They’d sing carols and ring bells. Thomas couldn’t wait. “If only it would snow,” he thought. “Then everything would be perfect.” “I’m afraid we won’t have a white Christmas this year,” Thomas

peeped as he looked up at the blue sky. “That’s okay with me,” said Henry. “I have so much to do, I don’t need a snowstorm now.” Thomas loved the snow, even if he had to wear his heavy snowplow. “Snow would make the Christmas Eve Festival so pretty.” Just then, Sir Topham Hatt called to Thomas. “I have a message from Lady Hatt,” he said. “She wants to come to the festival, but my car is in the garage for maintenance. I need you to run over to Kellsthorpe to pick her up. Please take Annie and

soon added to Thomas’ problems. As he climbed toward Killdane, Thomas knew he wouldn’t be in Wellsworth in time for the festival. He would miss the tree lighting—and worst of all, he was sure he had ruined Christmas for Sir Topham Hatt and his family. Meanwhile, the people of Wellsworth gathered around the tree in the town square. They lit the festive lights and sang carols, but Sir Topham Hatt was not with them. Sir Topham Hatt waited nervously at the Wellsworth Station. There were reports of

fog and frost all over the countryside. He checked his watch and worried. “I hope everyone is okay,” he whispered to himself. Finally, as Thomas chugged over the hills outside Wellsworth, the fog lifted. He could see candles flickering in the windows of homes he passed. The streets of Wellsworth were empty, and even the sight of the great glowing Christmas tree at the center of town didn’t cheer Thomas. When they reached the station, Sir Topham Hatt hugged his wife and helped carry the

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