Coke Dreams (Coke Dreams, Book 1)

Coke Dreams (Coke Dreams, Book 1)


Language: English

Pages: 137


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sy, Nik, Shani and Monica had been best friends for as long as they could remember. They were all born and raised in Washington D.C. The young women filled their days with finishing their senior year of high school; while at night they were the stars of the hood. All the women hated them and all the men wanted them. They managed to stay as far away from all the drama that went on in the hood as possible. With college in their near future, life for the foursome couldn’t get any better. That is until love unexpectedly finds them and knocks them down. With everything going so right they are all floating on cloud nine. Confident their lives were headed on the right path, they felt like nothing could go wrong or bring them down. But true to the Law of Gravity: What goes up must come down. When tragedy strikes and love comes between them it creates a downward spiral that no one could have saw coming. A war is on the rise and they find themselves caught in the middle of it. They are now battling each other and fighting for love. But, when it’s all said and done who will be left standing to live the life of their dreams.

Biographies of Drink: A Case Study Approach to our Historical Relationship with Alcohol

















for me” Sy said as her voice began to crack, she tried to continue but she couldn’t. “Aye, say no more. We are family and we wouldn’t have been anywhere else.” Shani said hugging her as they all agreed. “I just need some time” she cried “We know, just get some rest and we will call you later.” Monica said as they all began to cry again. “Okay” Sy said releasing their embrace. She unlocked her door just as the girls walked back to the car. Once she entered the house, she fell on the floor and

her forget again. Coke sat there looking at her helplessly. He knew she was hurting and he just wanted to be there for her. “Ya girls stopped by today” he said trying to spark some conversation. “Really” she said drinking her mixed juice. “Yeah, they came by to check on you. I told them you were in good hands.” He said watching her down the whole glass in a few swallows. “Okay, I’ma have to call them later.” She said pouring herself another drink. They finished eating and sat their plates in

with a single head nod before taking off his jacket. “So you like to beat on women hunh.” Coke said as he walked over to Reni and punched him so hard his body flew out the chair. “Sit this bitch ass nigga back up.” Coke ordered the two soldiers. When Reni was upright in the chair Coke could tell his jaw was broken. He chuckled a little to himself at how weak he truly was. Coke then took a step back and fly kicked him in the head knocking him back out the chair. As Reni lay on the ground, Coke

don’t know, that’s still a bit much. Can you come down just a little tiny bit more?” She asked holding her hand up pinching her index finger and thumb together. “I really want this bike, but, I don’t have that much.” She said putting on the sad face. “Twenty five?” he said firmly. “Twenty, cash?” she said deep in her negotiations by now. “Twenty two five and that’s as low as I can go on it?” He said breathlessly “Anything lower and im cutting my own head off” he added. “Well… that sounds a

good. You think he has called or text me…Hell no! I mean and the shit was his fault in the first place. I’m not gonna kiss his ass…so if he wants to go he can go.” Shani said all in one breathe. “Okay” Nik said catching the hint from Shani’s outburst. The women chose to leave the subject alone. Sy and Nik both knew it was Shani and Mike’s decision to make. They both let their egos and pride keep them from being together; it was a sad sight to see. After talking for a while, Sy checked her

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