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Exclusively available from Anansi Digital, Communion is one of the lost, great works by a Canadian literary titan.

Originally published in 1971, Communion continues the story of Felix Oswald that began in Five Legs. We meet Felix Oswald again, a self-mocking and obsessed hero, a voyeur, and all-time loser, after he graduates from school and accepts a job as a part-time veterinarian’s assistant.

A groundbreaking work of experimental fiction, Communion is a must-read for lovers of Canadian literature.

Featuring an introduction by Sean Kane

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The Bishop's Man (The Cape Breton Trilogy, Book 2)

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baring her teeth, he leaps to the bed, she bounds away. He follows. She snaps playfully at his flank. He growls in his chest: she’s trembling as he circles close, sniffs the gentle flesh of her buttocks, smells the ripe earth, tastes . . . “FUCK OFF YOU PERVERT!” Frightened and turning, grabbing the coverlet about her, she’s staring at Peter Walters in his dog suit. His chest and front paws are along the bed; the rest of him still crouches on the floor. He doesn’t understand. She isn’t

university, they’ll cut you open, they’ll put wires and everything into your head.” It doesn’t understand. “Don’t you understand? they’re waiting to zap you, they’ll fry your goddamn brain.” Its breathing is light and rushed, how can he expect it to understand, what is there to understand? He’s come this far on his own. Very calm, without emotion, he walks around to the other side of the car, he opens the door and returns to the cage. There’s nothing to be said. He must simply force the animal

personal in fact. As if it’s his fault, when he’s only the employee, nothing more than an employee and yet every morning the stupid bugger comes at him like this, pinches up its nasty face in rage, charges about like a madman and rushes off into the other room. Glancing to see that the cage is open, that the monkey will be able to get in alright, he picks up several supermarket bags and strides into the back room. Along the length of the room there are three aisles between the cages, and in

backs onto the white road, he transfers the brick to his right hand, he lobs it like a grenade . . . Very close now, creeping closer, he pauses: leaves shiver about him, a light evening breeze on his face. He stares at the motionless hulk of the car. He can almost smell it. The brush of bodies. They groan perhaps, breathing and sighing, the noise of their bodies: even closer to the glinting metal, if he reached out now, they don’t know he’s here, so close to them, teeth bared, eyes white, he

“Maybe she wouldn’t of done it for me. Some women are funny that way, you know what I mean? they’ll do it for some guys but not for others . . . ” Felix sits with the automatic pistol, it’s got a wooden handle: he raises his arm, extends it from the shoulder, he’s aiming at a car in front of them, his index finger along the trigger guard, it seems so small, a toy scooting along the highway, he finds it hard to keep his arm still in the swaying truck, he curls his finger around the trigger, this

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