Crown of Wizards (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #6)

Crown of Wizards (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #6)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 180


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The secret is out -- DROON is the series that kids, parents, and teachers are talking about! There are now over 10 million DROON books in print.

Has Eric gone bad for good? The young wizard has joined forces with the villainous Moon Dragon, Gethwing, to seek out a magical artifact that will give them untold power.

Keeah, Julie, Neal, Galen, and Max know they need to do whatever it takes to stop Eric and Gethwing-- even if it means putting their old friend in harm's way.

But Gethwing is planning something more terrifying than even Galen can predict. And with Eric at his side, he may be unstoppable. . .

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in the shape of a giant snake’s head. “That’s the landmark Gethwing told us to look for,” said Neffu. “Phase two begins!” All at once — vrrrt ! — a glass dome slid over the cockpit, and the car picked up speed. “What’s going on?” asked Sparr. “Tell me.” “He’s speeding up,” said Keeah, pressing forward, urging the sled to go faster. “They’re going into the water!” cried Julie. With a burst of speed, the yellow car shot straight out to sea and vanished under the waves with a tremendous

other side. Had Ungast seen the photograph? Her eyes grew wide. Eric … ? There was no response. “We are about to leave my fortress,” said Gethwing. “My secret hideout. My —” Bumblebee, said Keeah silently, watching Ungast’s face intently. Then … there it was. The barest hint of a smile. It disappeared almost instantly. “— Barrowbork,” said the dragon. Keeah saw Ungast survey the Dark Lands below. He rubbed his eyes. His forehead wrinkled. He squinted. Then his fingers reached to his

too,” said the boy. “For an easy escape.” “Perfect. You like purple, don’t you, Prince Ungast?” asked Gethwing. “I think it’s my color,” the boy said. “And I’d like some purple guys to help me. It’s my first mission, after all.” Gethwing’s eyes widened. Ungast thought that made him look odd, but he knew it was supposed to show that the dragon was pleased. “And here they are,” the dragon said, waving his claw over the smoke a third time. Suddenly, three figures appeared beyond the broken

down the stairs, away from the Upper World. “That was way too close!” said Julie. “Mrs. H knows something is wrong! Good thing no time passes while we’re in Droon. By the time we come back, we’ll have an excuse. Hurry.” It was pitch-black, and the three friends could see little when they jumped off the bottom step and landed in something soft. “Sand?” said Neal. Keeah bent down and pressed her fingers into the ground under her feet. “It’s damp. We’re on a seacoast. I hear waves crashing on

carpet traveling at great speed. And it was out of control. “Heeeeelp!” cried a little voice. The carpet suddenly flipped over and dived at the ship. “It’s Max!” said Julie. “Watch out!” At the last second, the spider troll jerked the carpet right side up. It thudded onto the deck and skidded into Nelag, pinning him against the mast. “Well done!” said the pretend wizard. “Max, are you all right?” asked Julie. Max staggered to his feet and shook himself all over like a wet dog. “Cheap

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