Curious George Plants a Seed (CGTV Reader)

Curious George Plants a Seed (CGTV Reader)

H. A. Rey

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0618777105

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Curious George watches Jumpy the squirrel bury an acorn in the yard. Upon learning that Jumpy is storing food for later, George decides to do the same. The man with the yellow hat comes home to find the kitchen empty and its contents buried in the yard! It’s time to teach George about what things grow and what don’t. George finally gets it right when he grows a beautiful sunflower from a seed.

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CERTAINLY DO! If you'd like to grow something, try planting beans. In a few days, you'll have bean sprouts! You may need to ask a grownup for help with this exercise. 1. Fill a jar or plastic cup with half a cup of dried beans (a grownup can find these at the grocery store). 2. Cover them halfway with cool water. 3. Place a piece of nylon or cheesecloth on top of the cup and secure it with a rubber band. 4. Put it in a shady place for eight hours. 5. Gently drain the water through the cloth

covering. Then add more water and immediately drain again. 6. Return the jar to the shady spot you found, but this time rest it on its side to give the beans more room to grow. 7. Rinse the beans twice a day for the next three days (as in step 5). After that, the sprouts will be ready to eat in a sandwich or salad! AND YOU GREW THEM YOURSELF! WATER TRAIL If you'd like to know how water helps a plant grow strong, find a piece of celery and some food coloring—then you can see for

yourself! 1. Ask a grownup to cut a single stalk of celery for you that still has the leaves attached to the top. 2. Pick a food coloring (red or blue works best) and add some drops of it to a full glass of water. 3. Put the celery, leaves at the top, in the glass of water and leave it in a sunny place. 4. In a few hours, you might notice something different about the celery. Wait overnight. 5. The next day, check out your celery. It will be colorful! Ask a grownup to cut the celery in

half for you. You'll see colored dots inside the celery. This is how you know water travels from the bottom of the stalk up to the leaf—the same way it travels up the stem of a flower—to help the celery grow strong! Show what color your celery stalk become. * * *

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