Dagmars Daughter

Dagmars Daughter

Kim Echlin

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0143170597

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mystical, seductive, and brimming with music and magic, Dagmar's Daughter follows three generations of passionate women. Norea emerges from the destitute Irish village of her childhood and stows herself on a ship bound for a remote island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Her daughter, Dagmar, is born with an uncanny ability to control the weather, and Dagmar's daughter Nyssa is as musically brilliant as her father and as struck with wanderlust.

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her and her mother. I play for them. Her eyes are bright when she hears my music. I want to give her a dress. Will you make a dress for me? Madeleine smiled. A wedding dress? Yes. But she’s a high-spirited girl. She grows things better than anyone on the island. Some say she has powers. I don’t know about her powers, said Donal. I like her hair. She says she likes my playing. But I can’t speak when she’s in the room. Then go for a walk with her along the shore. Donal got up and walked the

she asked. Nyssa nodded. Moll pulled herself out of the hole and led Nyssa through the woods to a cache in the ground. She removed a pile of branches covering the hole and there were the remains of a newly skinned rabbit wrapped in leaves, head and tail hanging limp. She swept up some dry pine needles with her large hand and deftly placed some larger branches over them and lit a small fire. Nyssa watched Moll throw the carcass into a pan pulled from the cache and set it in the flame, reach her

had planted a clump of love-in-a-mist beside Colin’s door. Starry rose and white flowers hung luminous in the darkness on a gentle tangle of pale ferny leaves. Colin snapped off a twig and twirled it in front of his face. Something thick in the air. He stared at a great flock of shearwaters flying in from the sea, circling and diving and settling in the waters of the harbour. He nodded toward them. Look at those bawks so thick on the water you could walk on them, he said drunkenly. No snakes,

forward like a newborn’s trying to suck. Drop by drop, Dagmar helped Norea drink until the wandering tongue stopped its slow pulsing and the sleeping woman closed her mouth silent and still again, the skin around her temples gone slack. Dagmar leaned down tenderly and laid her cheek against Norea’s. The touch burned Dagmar’s skin like ice. What is the effect of prolonged anguish on the mind? Norea swung her bird legs over the edge of the bed and stood on shaking claws. She put her yellow sun

already long limbed and strong. The girl was not. She had a slope to her shoulders and her tiny chin was stuck down on her chest. She had rocker-bottom feet, and a webbed neck and elbows. Her eyes were lit bright. Meggie said to Norea, jostling the two of them at once, It’s as if you cried them right out for me! Irritable with her own baby’s bumping inside against her ribs and bladder, Norea answered sharply, You must be hagged to say a thing like that! But with a quick change of heart she

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