Dark Knights and Dingy Castles (Horrible Histories Special)

Dark Knights and Dingy Castles (Horrible Histories Special)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 68

ISBN: 1407111833

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers can discover all the foul facts about Dark Knights and Dingy Castles, including why one nutty knight chopped off his own finger, the revolting truth about a gong-farmer's job and what went on in gruesome castle garderobes. With a bold look these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

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Then Gregory became Pope in AD 590 and said… Of course, bishops were not allowed to spill blood – even heathen blood – so they went into battle with dirty great clubs called ‘maces’. With a mace they could bash a non-Christian on the bonce and kill him without spilling a drop. Two Popes even went off to battle with their armies. A new Christian belief grew: ‘Love thy neighbour … but you may need to batter him over the head with a stick if he doesn’t have the same beliefs as you.’ When knights

reward of a seat in Heaven. Cannibal Crusaders God (or someone) sent a plague to Antioch in July and the Pope’s friend, Bishop le Puy, died of the disease. The Crusaders moved towards Jerusalem but stopped to capture the town of Maarrat from the Turks. Again they captured a city with no food. This time they didn’t waste human life by a massacre of the Turks. As one writer, Radulph of Caen, said… They wrote to the Pope and said sorry … they asked if he’d forgive them since they’d only eaten

attacked a large enemy force at Cresson. What a hero! A hundred and thirty knights set out to attack 7,000. Gerard returned with just two! A hero? Or a dummy? You can see the problem, can’t you? If you charge at the enemy the knights in your army are split up and it’s hard for them to get back together for another charge. Each knight ends up on his own and is easier to pull off his horse. But some knights could fight alone if they were strong enough, vicious enough and skilled enough. When you

behind, knelt in one half while the torturer closed the second half shut. The prisoner was squeezed into a tight ball. Foul facts: Leonard Skeffington was in charge of the Tower in the days of Henry VIII. This machine could be carried to the prisoner’s cell and used there. It saved trips to the torture chamber. Quick quote: In 1580 Thomas Coteham was crushed in Skeffington’s gyves. A witness reported, He bled considerably from the nose. 4 The Gauntlets How it worked: The prisoner stood on

grovel and say, ‘Sorry!’ 4 If you are supposed to be fighting with blunted lances, just take a sharp one into the fight. In 1290 Duke Ludwig of Bavaria died when a sharp lance pierced his throat armour. What a pain in the neck for Ludwig! 5 Have special armour made. A metal glove (gauntlet) that locks itself around a lance keeps it steady and makes it easier to hit the target. Another rule was added to make this illegal – if you were caught. 6 In a foot fight with axes, simply drop your axe

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