Deep in the Jungle of Doom (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 11)

Deep in the Jungle of Doom (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 11)

R. L. Stine

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 0590847686

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Readers are placed in the character of a student attending a class trip in the South American jungle, and when boredom gives way to a little unsupervised exploring, every new decision leads to a different story.

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their anthill. They crawl all over your leg. And begin to bite! “Quick, pour the water over my leg!” you cry to Ben. A large green plastic canteen is slung over Ben’s shoulder. He opens the canteen and drenches the anthill with the water. The water doesn’t kill the ants. It just makes them REALLY mad! They swarm over your leg. The bites make your leg feel as if it’s on fire! The anthill is all muddy now, and your leg is stuck even deeper than it was before. “Ow! Ben! Help me!” you call.

“Pull me out!” Ben takes one step toward you but stops. “I can’t!” he exclaims. “I’m allergic to insect bites! I’ll go try to find help!” Ben takes off, running at full speed. If only you’d turned into a gopher instead of a clumsy, bug-eyed fish monster! Then you could have dug your way out. Because by the time Ben gets back, it will be too late. The ants will have moved your whole body out of their anthill. Bit by bit. Bite by bite. THE END “It was a bat,” you say with confidence.

One by one, they fall to the floor, flipping and thrashing around. You knock the last one off and stand there catching your breath. The piranha on the ground finally stop moving. “I can’t believe it!” Zoe whispers in amazement. “I didn’t think they would attack me! But it actually worked! They’re dead!” “All except for one!” Zoe remarks, pointing at the pool. “The mother of them all …” Hook the big one on PAGE 61. Four servants hurry up the steps of the pyramid with a huge golden cage.

“We have your gold!” you call to him. All the cave creatures gather around as you and Zoe climb the steps to the top of the pyramid. You kneel down in front of the king and pull Zoe down, too. Both of you present him with the gold you found. “I see you have brought me the gold I requested,” he states with his booming voice. You can see your reflection in his globby eyes. His moss-covered face is serious and stern. “I have just one question for you before I release you.” Oh, no! What more

You watch as the troll’s face turns scarlet. His skin almost matches the fiery color of his eyes. “NO! NO! NO!” he screams. “You mean I got it wrong?” you gasp. “No! You got it right! I made the question too easy!” Excellent! You did it! “NO! NO! NO!” Cronby screeches, throwing his body on the ground and hammering it with his tiny fists. “I haven’t had a meal in twenty years,” the troll moans. “That’s your problem! I won fair and square!” you declare. “Now show me where Zoe is and give me

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