Diary of Anais Nin, Volume 2: 1934-1939

Diary of Anais Nin, Volume 2: 1934-1939

Anaïs Nin

Language: English

Pages: 280

ISBN: 2:00153343

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Beginning with Nin's arrival in New York, this volume is filled with the stories of her analytical patients. There is a shift in emphasis also as Nin becomes aware of the inevitable choice facing the artist in the modern world. "Sensitive and frank...[Nin's] diary is a dialogue between flesh and spirit" (Newsweek). Edited and with a Preface by Gunther Stuhlmann; Index.

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is like contagion. The order does not matter. All the errors are necessary, the stutterings, the blunders, the blindnesses. The end is to cover all the terrain, all the routes. No spaces to skip. Any skipping of a phase only retards the branchlike unfolding. Growth, expansion, plenitude of the potential self. To live only one aspect or one side of the personality is like using only one sense, and the others become atrophied. There is greatness only in fulfillment, in the fullness of awakening.

had made him persist, had driven him into a frenzy of pursuit, because he felt if he did not change this no into submission, it meant he was growing old, was losing his charm, his power over women. But this had deeper roots. It is true he had not stayed with Maruca very much during her bout with tuberculosis in Spain (Maruca complained he came to visit her for ten minutes), but I must understand he could never bear illness. He had obtained the best medical care for her. It is true the maid had

believe in any system which incites spying on friends and relatives, which practices cruelty as powerful as the oppressors', how can I believe in anything achieved by bloodshed and torture? Gonzalo has the necessary blindness to take sides and die for an idea, but I see the inhumanity of all ideas, their falseness. I want to live transcending laws, prejudices, morals. Every system is too narrow for me. 1 always respected a man of quality when I saw one, a character, a human or creative value.

had tried to escape from for thirty years. Back to his starting point. Meanwhile Joaquin is giving a concert in Havana before sailing for America. Thorvald is all alone in Bogotá, separated from his wife and children. Meanwhile I am metamorphosed into a sponge, absorbing all the tears of the world, accumulating sorrows, unable to erase anything. An ocean of sensations, enough to quench the thirst of several human beings. In the houseboat story there will be a phantom lover, dreamed, not seen,

published and accepted. Gonzalo needs it and can earn his living with it. His joy was wonderful to see. Afterwards I thought a little regretfully that I would have liked the press for myself, to do with as I liked, but I can never do this while those I love have a greater need. I was enjoying Gonzalo's joy. Lawrence Durrell writes me about the two novels I had sent him [Winter of Artifice and another, later incorporated in Ladders to Fire]. Postscript the following day; i.e. today. Dear

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