Dickson's Joke Treasury: An Anthology of Gags, Bits, Puns and Jests-- And How To Tell Them

Dickson's Joke Treasury: An Anthology of Gags, Bits, Puns and Jests-- And How To Tell Them

Paul Dickson

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0471556661

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A revised and expanded version of the author's previous book Jokes. There is a new chapter featuring tips and anecdotes from such luminaries as Bill Novak, Leo Rosten, Charles Osgood and Tip O'Neill. All jokes are ``clean'' and there are chapters on flies in the soup jokes, unintended puns, knock-knock jokes, shaggy dog jokes and many others. Includes a bibliography of joke books and magazines.

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muttering, "Where are the snows of yesteryear?" Too much sax and Villon. Why did they ban the story of the mother fox who was so jealous and possessive of her cubs that every time one of them went out on a date, she would surreptitiously sabotage his appearance by sneakily sticking bits of dandelion and milkweed fluff to his coat? Too much vixen's sly lints. 72 DIC.KSON'S JOKE TIEASUlY Given such a display, it is hard to resist adding one's own. Here's mine: Why did the National Football

elephant paint his toenails different colors? So he could hide in the M&M's. What's gray on the inside and clear on the outside? An elephant in a Baggie. What does an elephant call a dinosaur? Extinct. 85 HEll COME THE ELEPHANTS What has two tails, six feet, and three trunks? An elephant with spare parts. If there were three elephants in the kitchen, which one would be the cowboy? The one on the range. What weighs two thousand pounds and is covered with lettuce and mayonnaise? A Big

got your headlight fixed," she beamed. "Blow on the fire and it will burn beuer," he bellowed. "Fan that fire faster! " the blacksmith bellowed. "My bed isn't made," he complained in a blanket statement. "I love reading," she said bookishly. "I am awfully sunburned" was her blistering remark. "Don't be an ass," Tom brayed. "What? Fly into this hurricane?" he cried breezily. "Where is the lamp?" she asked brightly. "See my new camera?" he asked candidly. "Let's send these packages to the poor

been modified for other purposes. Here is one from Public Citizen magazine: Q . How many people does it take to clean up a hazardous waste dump? A. 50. A tractor driver and 49 lawyers. Here is another: Q. How many Californians does it take to water a plant? A. Two. One to pour the Perrier and one to massage the leaves. Fort Knocks-The Master Collector B elieve it or not, the English-speaking world harbors more than a few serious knock-knock joke collectors. Charles Orr, a retired gentleman

old as you." "But I'm only 48," says the lawyer. "Funny," says St. Peter. "You've billed for so many hours we thought you were 80." Three men arrive at the gates of heaven at the same time. St. Peter tells them they all have been admitted, and he will assign each of them a vehicle to use during their eternal stay. He says that he will assign the vehicle based on their marital fidelity. He asks the first man if he had been a faithful husband and is told that he never strayed from the bed of the

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