Dictionary of Furniture: Second Edition

Dictionary of Furniture: Second Edition

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 162636012X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In a comprehensive listing of entries from "Aalto, Hugo Alvar Henrik" to "Zui Weng Yi," Boyce illuminates readers about furniture styles, construction details, terminology, furniture designers, and design movements throughout history and throughout the world. Styles covered include European-inspired classical, baroque, pop, rococo, and modernist. This extensive guide will be helpful for furniture enthusiasts, historians, and those interested in redecorating their homes.

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Chinese yin ping tuo lacquer furniture. MAKORÉ A West African hardwood whose strongly striped grain and lustrous reddish-brown color make it an attractive import among European and North American furniture makers. It is also known as cherry mahogany. MAKURA Traditional Japanese furniture form; wooden pillow, or headrest. A makura consists of a small, rectangular paneled box, on top of which a cylindrical pillow is tied with a cord attached to the box. If intended for traveling, the piece is

of furniture design, production and use were Lima, Peru, and Mexico City; secondary but nevertheless notable centers were Quito, Ecuador, and Bogota, Colombia. Spanish Colonial furniture was generally European in structure and form, but decoration was influenced by indigenous traditions. In Mexico elements of Mayan pictorial art were featured as carved decoration; in what is now the southwestern United States, simple geometrical ornaments of the local Indian tribes were borrowed; and Incan motifs

chest with hinged top that covered two compartments, one for white and one for brown sugar. SUGI (also cryptomeria) Japanese softwood; most common material for framing of chests (see tansu), as it is widely available and very light in weight. Though pale brown, sugi is traditionally coated with dark lacquer when used in furniture, due to its tendency to take stain unevenly. SULTANE (1) Eighteenth-century French furniture form in Louis XV style; canapé or upholstered settee with scroll arms

Age of Elegance: The Rococo and Its Effect. Baltimore, Md.: Baltimore Museum of Art, 1959. Bogle, Michael, and Peta Landman. Modern Australian Furniture. Carlsbad, Calif.: Craftsman House, 1989. Bridenbaugh, Carl. The Colonial Craftsman. New York: NYU Press, 1950. Bruce, Grace Wu. Chinese Classical Furniture. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996. Brunhammer, Yvonne, et al. Art Nouveau Belgium/France. Houston, Tex.: Rice University Press, 1976. Brunt, Andrew. Phaidon Guide to Furniture.

Carlin, Martin 49, 183 Carlton House table 50 Carolean chair 50 Carolean furniture 50 Carrier-Belleuse, Albert-Ernst 50 cartonnier 50 Carton-Pierre 50 cartouche 50 Carver chair 50 caryatid 50 caryatid stool 5, 50 case furniture 50 plinth 228-29 Salem secretary 264 wardrobe 316 casket stand 50 cassapanca 51 Cassina 51 Mario Bellini 30 Vico Magistretti 188-89 Tobia and Afra Scarpa 267 cassone 51 cassone nuziale 51 Castelli Ferrieri, Anna 51 Castiglioni, Achille

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