Diet Pills (Drugs: The Straight Facts)

Diet Pills (Drugs: The Straight Facts)

Debra Henn

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0791081982

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As people become more and more interested in fitness and looking good, many Americans have developed an obsessive attitude toward dieting and body image. Many try diet pills to curb their appetite or, as manufacturers may claim, to burn fat or prevent the body from from processing certain foods. These diet pills pose various risks.

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produced in the body by the thyroid Diet Pills: The Past 41 gland. They are necessary for growth, and they stimulate carbohydrate use in the body. It is well known that individuals with an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) experience increases in metabolism and carbohydrate use. People with too much thyroid hormone tend to lose 15% of their body weight. This weight is regained when their thyroid is treated and thyroid hormone levels return to normal. In 1893, thyroid extract was

millions of South Americans as an alternative to coffee. This stimulating herbal beverage is purported to have the unique ability to wake up the mind without the nervousness and jitters associated with coffee. In South America, the morning and afternoon beverage of choice is Yerba Mate. In fact, “mate bars” are as prevalent in South American countries as coffeehouses are here in the United States. According to a survey, Yerba Mate is consumed by 92% of households in Argentina. Kola Nut Kola

several ways to begin the weight loss process. Modifying diet and increasing physical activity can influence obesity-related risk factors (when weight affects the heart, for example). 90 Recommended changes in diet not only modify how many calories someone takes in, but also reduce fat, cholesterol, and sodium found in the person’s diet. How much a person exercises is important because it not only helps with weight loss, but also weight maintenance. In addition, exercise can prevent and

must shift the balance of the energy equation so that the amount of energy coming in is less than the amount of energy going out (Figure 2.1). This can be achieved by reducing the amount of energy taken in (that is, eating fewer calories), increasing the amount of energy used (for example, by exercising), or by combining the two strategies (diet and exercise). Unfortunately, for millions of Americans, the energy taken in is far greater than the energy used. This extra energy is stored in their

play a role in obesity. It has been noted that an adopted child’s body weight is usually more similar to the body weight of his or her biological parents than that of his or her adopted parents. Identical twins usually have similar occur-rences of obesity. Studies have also shown that fraternal twins do not show this same likelihood of obesity; when one twin is overweight, the other is very often not. These examples help demonstrate that genetics play a significant role in obesity. Researchers

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