Doctor at Sea

Doctor at Sea

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Now That's Funny!: Jokes and Stories from the Man Who Keeps America Laughing

On Humour (Thinking in Action)

Extremely Gross Jokes, Volume 4


















damages. The right of Richard Gordon to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted. This edition published in 2012 by House of Stratus, an imprint of Stratus Books Ltd., Lisandra House, Fore Street, Looe, Cornwall, PL13 1AD, UK. Typeset by House of Stratus. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library and the Library of Congress. EAN ISBN Edition 1842324926 9781842324929 Print 0755130685 9780755130689 Mobi/Kindle 0755130995 9780755130993 Epub

books, and an incongruous nude leaving her bath on a boilermakers’ calendar. Scattered everywhere, like thistledown blown by a breeze, were scraps of half-used cotton waste. ‘Where would ye all be without my engines?’ he demanded. ‘Do ye know what you’ve got to thank us for? Everything from the propeller revolutions to your shaving water and the ice in your gin.’ He thought of his engines, as Boswell did of his lavatories, as living beings possessed of souls. ‘Ye’ll be no damn good as an

marital hesitation on the part of his young assistant, and after he had made this as plain as possible he asked his wife to apply a woman’s practical mind to the problem and set about finding me a bride. She procured the daughter of a town councillor. She was a girl called Wendy, a blonde, but of the arid sort, like the stubble in a wheatfield after a hot harvest. Her position in local society made it impossible for me to escape: once the town saw what my principal’s wife was up to, Wendy and I

pint of old English wallop out of the barrel just now,’ Archer said seriously. ‘Or a bit of backchat with a Liverpool barmaid. You can have too much of these high-pressure floozies out here.’ We sat looking miserably into our beer glasses, all suddenly homesick. ‘I reckon I ought to have married and settled down,’ Hornbeam continued. ‘I nearly did once. I’m still engaged to her, if it comes to that. She’s in Sydney. Sends me letters and sweets and things. I see her about once every two years.’

with rib-tickling humour. ‘An original humorist with a sly wit and a quick eye for the ridiculous’ – Queen Doctor and Son Recovering from the realisation that his honeymoon was not quite as he had anticipated, Simon Sparrow can at least look forward to a life of tranquillity and order as a respectable homeowner with a new wife. But that was before his old friend Dr Grimsdyke took to using their home as a place of refuge from his various misdemeanours…and especially from the incident with the

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