Doctor in the House

Doctor in the House

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0573608113

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Comedy / 5 m., 4 f. / Int. Adapted from the novel by Richard Gordon about the off duty lives of a group of medical students, this play weaves their happy triumphs and brave failures, love affairs and parties into a many colored pattern. Several individuals confined under the same roof employ a blithe exterior to hide their hopes and fears, ineffectually concealing an underlying earnestness of purpose. The play provides a good variety of character parts: young men, some playboys, some serious; the college porter and the eccentric professor; the dragon matron; nurses pretty and dull; and the landlady extraordinary. FEE: $75 per performance.

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the general surgeons. He claimed to be capable of removing a stomach or a pair of tonsils with equal success, or to be able to cut off a leg or a lung. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon he operated in his own theatre on the top floor. The list for the session was pinned up outside like a music-hall bill – the best cases were always at the top for Sir Lancelot to operate on himself, and the programme degenerated into a string of such minor surgical chores as the repair of hernias and the

white coats flying behind them, their stethoscopes trailing from their necks, wearing the look of grave preoccupation seen only in the faces of very fresh doctors. This drab, hurrying band of physicians was sprinkled with nurses in long mauve dresses and starched white caps that turned up at the back like the tails of white doves. They tripped smartly from one block to another and to the Nurses’ Home in the rear. Of the people in the court they were the only ones genuinely in a hurry, for they

normocytic anaemia, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, ’ammer toe, cholecystitis, and an over-active thyroid.’ ‘That’s a packet, all right,’ his neighbour admitted grudgingly. ‘And I ’eard ’im say I’ve got a positive Wasserman, too!’ he added in triumph. ‘’Ave you ’ad any operations?’ inquired a thin woman on the other side of him in a voice rich with misery. ‘Not to date, touch wood, I ’aven’t.’ The woman gave a loud sigh. ‘I wish as I could say the same,’ she remarked, shaking her head

policemen that flank the dock at the Old Bailey. The students scraped into their chairs, shot a hostile glance at the clock, and turned apprehensively to the buff question paper already laid out on each desk. The first paper was on general medicine. The upper half of the sheet was taken up with instructions in bold print telling the candidate to write on one side of the paper only, answer all the questions, and to refrain from cribbing at peril of being thrown out. I brought my eyes painfully to

asked, crossing to our table. ‘Good God, is that as far as you’ve got?’ ‘It’s very difficult,’ I explained. ‘You see, we don’t quite know how to start. Could you give us a bit of a hand?’ ‘But certainly, my dear old boy,’ Grimsdyke said, picking up a scalpel. ‘I have now dissected four legs and consider I have something of a flair for the knife. This is the gluteus maximus muscle.’ Grimsdyke slit his way rapidly through the muscles and in half an hour did our work for the week. The routine of

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