Doctor In The Swim

Doctor In The Swim

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 1842324993

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dr Grimsdyke was only too pleased to discover that he was sitting next to the luscious Lucy Squiffington on his flight home. Several hours in her company was bound to go well – in fact it went rather too well seeing as how the long-suffering Anemone was waiting for him back home. A fact Grimsdyke seemed to have completely forgotten. And as if juggling two women wasn’t enough, the Jellybone sisters then enter the scene with a troupe of female contortionists neatly in tow – hardly likely to help straighten things out for poor Grimsdyke. As he ponders his options, Grimsdyke falls headlong into a series of hilarious mishaps that leave him almost on the point of drowning.

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you can feel when you’re actually telling the truth. ‘Must ring off,’ I apologized. ‘The place is thick with threads I’ve got to pick up now I’m back in Town.’ ‘But Gaston, you sound as though you’ve been to the other side of the earth.’ ‘That’s the feeling you get in Cheltenham. Bye-bye, Nenny. See you soon.’ ‘’Bye, Gaston.’ I gave the telephone a subconscious wipe with my sleeve, as though I’d infected it with something nasty. It was a pretty rotten way to behave towards a nice girl like

it being unpacked, Squiffy certainly didn’t see it at all. His father was one of those lean athletic executives, whose idea of a rip-roaring evening, I remembered from Whortleton, was a game of chess and a chocolate biscuit with his Horlicks. ‘You know the old man wanted me to be a doctor,’ Squiffy went on, absently cutting another piece of cake, ‘The great-grandad who founded the bank – that’s the one over the fireplace with the face like the underdone steak with side-whiskers – was the son of

spare pair of dark glasses?’ Miles froze. A terrific knocking sounded on the front door, ‘Not someone from the night-club…’ ‘Oh, it’s probably only the postman, with the usual armful of free samples from the drug firms.’ On the mat was Sir Lancelot. ‘Good morning, Grimsdyke. I hope I – Good God, what’s he doing here?’ he asked, staring at Miles. Miles gave a weak grin. ‘I had dropped in to discuss some professional matters with Gaston.’ ‘Not this hour of the day?’ ‘Over a working

slippers on the mat,’ I told him, putting on my little apron to grill his steak. ‘And you’ll be glad to know I’ve got someone lined up for you to do your compromising with.’ ‘Excellent!’ Miles rubbed his hands. ‘I’ve had hardly a moment to give thought to the matter today, dashing round the docks looking for Mr Odysseus. He seems a most elusive gentleman. I suppose I shall have to pay this compromising woman handsomely? How much will be adequate? Three hundred pounds? Four hundred? Five?’ If

accessible to the general public, some of the less respectable citizens being so unrespectable. Altogether the police tend to handle any rumpus with arrests all round and a merry sorting out later. I easily found the police station, which like all the other amenities of New York at that hour on a Saturday night was fully open and doing a thriving business – nobody in Manhattan has been to bed for years and years, of course. I stepped past the photographs of chaps the authorities would like a

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