Doctor and Son

Doctor and Son

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expected.” Now what the devil does all that mean?’ I was studying leaflet NI/17A, the sixteen-page pamphlet by which Her Majesty’s Government instructs her subjects how to claim the compensations they have voted themselves for perpetuating the population. ‘What on earth’s the difference between a contribution year and a benefit year?’ I grumbled. I read on: ‘“A benefit year is a period of twelve months beginning five months after the end of the contribution year.” What can they possibly mean by

beautiful indeed. You would no longer cough and spit in each other’s faces all winter if your bobbies let you walk about Hyde Park all naked.’ She paused as the next course arrived. I prepared to give Grimsdyke my frank opinion of his prospective bride. ‘I hope you will soon have a change in this rainy weather,’ said Lulu, just at that moment. This put me in some confusion. I could only murmur feebly, ‘The damp can’t last much longer.’ ‘Do you mean there’s been a lot of rain for the time of

the way he carried on you’d have imagined that I’d opened a house of ill repute. ‘After that, of course, we never dared turn it on. The girls were very upset. They seemed to have become very attached to some of the performers. Then one evening, as it was getting near Christmas, I took Celia and the girls to a musical comedy as a treat. As so often happens, as soon as the performance started I was called out to see a case. It didn’t seem worth going back to the theatre, and I don’t care much for

injustice of feckless young men roaring about the countryside in fast cars when they should instead be having wives and babies. It was clear that by the time I could afford a sports car myself my reflexes would have become too slow to risk driving it, and I was resigned to the small old saloon in which we drove home late on Boxing Day, ready for the casualties of Christmas at the next morning’s surgery. As soon as we got in I pottered round our cold unfriendly rooms like a good householder, and

old lad – that is, approaching her with a slightly different end in view than with the usual hotsie – I rather led her to understand–’ ‘You proposed?’ I exclaimed. ‘Then you are in trouble.’ ‘And of course, there’s the other two girls I told you about–’ ‘You didn’t propose to those, too, you idiot?’ ‘I didn’t actually propose to any of them,’ he protested. ‘The conversation somehow just drifted that way. Why, it’s just as easy to propose to a woman as to walk under a bus! God knows how I can

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