Dog Tales

Dog Tales

Tyla Pallas

Language: English

Pages: 135

ISBN: B009252DW2

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A semi autobiographical selection of short stories as experienced by the author
Tyla J Pallas, the singer/guitarist/songwriter with the Rock Band 'The Dogs D'amour'

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For the Time Being














get to fly 1st Class for free, (obviously, but these days I wouldn’t put it past an airline to say, oh I’m sorry we had to upgrade him so that’s two grand please missus!) going on the fact that they didn’t meet their maker there, in 1st class that is. Or if 1st class is a bit on the full side, they put the deceased in a toilet and hang a ‘out of order’ sign on the outside. - So you reckon we could be standing outside the ‘Dead Room’ then do you? I replied deadpan. -Well you never know. At that

look rough, do you want to see a doctor? Within minutes I was sitting in the waiting room thinking of ‘ A Nuns Story’ starring Audrey Hepburn. I was in a hospital run by nuns. Nuns in white. The doctor did a few tests and said, you’d better stay here for a bit and bunged me on a drip in I might add my own room. All I was allowed to drink was water, and all I was allowed to eat was tea biscuits. All the nuns singing and one playing acoustic guitar greeted me in the morning! Could this trip get any

garage and the fan removed from BB’s car lot. Not 2 moons later and feeling worse for wear after a Jack n Coke extravaganza he managed to right the Chevy off with the help of a £50,000 brand new parked and alarmed Mercedes…In Bel-air of all places. A hefty fine, License removed, 30,000 hours of community service later including anger management and drum lessons in Guitar Centre, not over looking the fact that he arrived in LA back in 1987 on a tourist visa and never returned to Blighty. I might

time. Well one has to have a laugh doesn’t one? (Stiff upper lip type accent) Here we go then. It was the day after the opening of my 1st Art exhibition in Germany, which on this occasion happened to be in Cologne. The previous evening had gone quite well with a handful of art collectors attending who also turned out to be connoisseurs of free vino collappso. Well isn’t everyone? There was the usual plonker who couldn’t decide on which painting he wanted for his office and was asking if I could

to Clermont Ferrand. Lez and Charles had come to Lyon so we followed them. We had a day off, then MH and Iris, his girlfriend bid me farewell and probably good riddance and headed off back to Hamburg. I had one final show to do in Clermont Ferrand then I would concentrate on recording the album, Oh and also find time to get my leg seen to, now that I had finally received my actual medical card. At the hospital they informed me that I had in fact broken my foot, and so they put it in a brand new

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