Edna The Inebriate Woman

Edna The Inebriate Woman

Jeremy Sandford

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0714525480

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Edna the Inebriate Woman was written when Jeremy Sandford, whose documentary Cathy Come Home had focused public attention on the plight of homeless families, decided to study the equally grave problems faced by Britain's thousands of single homeless people. The author follows Edna on her continuous journey through town and country and shows us at first hand the shortcomings and sheer absurdities of a society whose response to Edna's predicament is insensitive, inappropriate and expensive. Sandford's own anger and impatience with our reluctance to help those who wander through the twilight world at the bottom of society is infectious.

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sits down to a breakfast of baked beans. In the ‘garden’ of Jesus Saves TERESA and EDNA are hanging sheets. TERESA. I met a fella and I thought it was sex and excitement I was after but now I see it was only affection. I met another man. His name was Jimmy. But I couldn’t get pregnant again although I’d had a child by the first man. Then at last I did become pregnant and not so long after that I started bleeding. But the next day when I was in bed I heard my first kid screaming. I jumped

THE STORY BROUGHT UP TO DATE The notes that follow were written with the help of Anton Wallich-Clifford, of the Simon Community, and Tom Gifford of the Cyrenians. CHAR (the Campaign for the Homeless and Rootless), founded since Edna was written, was set up to provide ‘an officially recognised voice for the various voluntary organisations concerned with care of the single homeless.’ It has 130 organisations as members-organisations of all types, ranging from the Church Army to Shelter to the

Barbara Jefford IRENE Patricia Nye ATTENDANT AT THE SPIKE June Watson DOCTOR AT THE SPIKE Denis Carey OLD MEN Gerry Verno Rex Rashley PROPRIETOR OF COMMON LODGING HOUSE Walter Sparrow JESSIS Amelia Bayntun SOCIAL SECURITY CLERK Douglas Ditta TRAMPS Chris Gannon Talfryn Thomas Charles Farrell Vivian Macherrell PADDY AT COMMON LODGING HOUSE Marie Conmee DORIS, ON THE ROAD Jenny Logan MAN IN CAR Anthony Dawes SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICIAL Elaine Mitchell PSYCHIATRIST John Hussey

institution.’ These are the exits from the down-and-out world. The fruitless heavens for those who’ve fallen foul of ‘Britain basking in its contemporary affluence’. Anton Wallich-Clifford of the Simon Community Trust has campaigned through most of his life for such people. He said, ‘The Survey done by the National Assistance Board in 1966 estimated many thousands of people who sometimes or habitually sleep rough. My researches indicate an even greater number. To the thousands of people in

She stretches out her hand with the ticket. EDNA. Soup please. ATTENDANT II. You can’t have just soup. EDNA. I only want soup. ATTENDANT II. Your breakfast ticket is worth three soups. EDNA. Yes. ATTENDANT. What do you mean, yes? Three soups or no soup? EDNA. Three soups. She juggles the three soups back to a table. EDNA to Attendant. Thanks very much. Derry II. A Cellar EDNA descending the stairs leading into the cellar. There are steps missing. The bannister is being torn from

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