Emil and the Detectives (Oberon Modern Plays)

Emil and the Detectives (Oberon Modern Plays)

Language: English

Pages: 80


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Growing up is the most exciting adventure of all
Join young Emil as he says goodbye to his mother, leaves his small town and sets off on a journey that will change his life. When his money is stolen on the train by a mysterious stranger, Emil thinks he’s lost everything. But as he starts tracking down the thief, he soon discovers that he’s not alone in the big city after all. For this classic tale of a boy learning to rely on himself – and on his new friends – the Olivier stage transforms into 1920s Berlin: a place full of surprises and danger, where everything moves at the speed of your imagination.

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Children are asleep But I’m awake… IDA prepares to sleep in a lonely house. The MAN FROM THE 177 drinks. DETECTIVES show the sketches of MR SNOW to other CHILDREN – Shoe-shiners, Messengers, Street Sweepers – some of whom can show the way MR SNOW went. PETZOLD: (Telephone.) Password Emil! Sighting outside Metropol Theatre. TOOTS: (Telephone.) Password Emil! Seen turning down Martin Luther Street. ARNIE: (Telephone.) Password Emil! Suspect passed the Western stores. HILDE tracks sightings

the hotel. TOOTS: Answer the phone, Mr Snow! PROFESSOR: Can you keep him talking long enough for Emil and Pony to sneak out? GERDA: I can try. MR SNOW: Who is this? GERDA looks to the PROFESSOR and TOOTS for inspiration. They indicate she has to say something. GERDA: Good evening. Is that Room Sixty-One in the Hotel El Dorado, Berlin? MR SNOW: Why do you want to know? GERDA: Congratulations, sir. MR SNOW: Congratulations? GERDA: You are the winner of a large cash prize. MR SNOW: A

Ottaline Wallace Tallula Christie Erykah Oweh Sophie Wilson Jordan Clemens Katherine Parker Katherine Wilshire Heloise Devaney-Jones Isabella Partridge Kristen Winrow CREATIVE TEAM Director Bijan Sheibani Designer Bunny Christie Lighting Designer Lucy Carter Movement Director Aline David Projection Design 59 Productions Music Paul Englishby Fight Director Bret Yount Sound Designer Ian Dickinson Associate Sound Designer Peter Rice Company Voice Work Kate Godfrey &

the Crystal Salon this morning. EMIL: Mrs Homburg went to the Crystal Salon? IDA: Finish your packing, Emil. MRS WIRTH: Everyone’s talking about their new electronic hairdryer. We don’t need contraptions like that in Neustadt. IDA: Lots of my customers want to try it. MRS WIRTH: Big city ways. No loyalty. I said to Chief Constable Jeschke, make them apply for a special permit if they want to plug people’s hair into the electricity. EMIL: That isn’t how a dryer works, Mrs Wirth. IDA: We

you’ve walked down the street your money’s worth half what it was. IDA: My sister does her best, but her husband may be losing his job. So it’s good Emil can take what I’ve saved to Berlin. MRS WIRTH: You’re letting an infant travel with cash! IDA: You can’t trust the post. As for the banks – MRS WIRTH: The banks! Those robberies in the newspapers? Cleaned out the vaults and escaped through the sewers. That’s the city for you, young man. A festering sea of criminality. EMIL: That wasn’t

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