Extreme: My Autobiography

Extreme: My Autobiography

Sharon Osbourne

Language: English

Pages: 245

ISBN: 1405615044

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As the daughter of notorious rock manager Don Arden, Sharon Osbourne's childhood was an unruly mix of glamour and violence. In her late 20s, Sharon finally made the painful decision to break with her family. Always irrepressible, Sharon flourished, creating a loving family of her own while becoming a legendary manager and rockband promoter. In rock star Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon found her soul mate, yet Ozzy's drug and drink-fuelled excesses which culminated in his attempt to strangle her made their marriage a white knuckle ride from the start; only her devotion to their three children gave her the will to survive. From the tremendous highs of the hit show The Osbournes to the lows of Ozzy's near-fatal quad-bike accident and her own bout with colon cancer, Sharon's tenacity, honesty, and humour have triumphed again and again

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point Ozzy stood up on his chair, and the President goes, “Get down, Ozzy. Ozzy, get down!” All these people that run our lives and tell us what’s going on in the world started coming up to us. Four-star generals, senators, editors of every influential newspaper in America were asking to have their pictures taken with Ozzy, saying, “Oh my son’s a fan, or my whatever’s a fan.” People were even standing in line to get an autograph. We were just blown away. The whole evening was one of those

collarbone totally shattered; and he had punctured a main artery which was stopping the blood supply to his left arm; a bruised heart; blood on his lung; and he was in a coma. The most serious injury was his arm, the doctor explained. They had seventy-two hours to get the blood back, otherwise they would have to amputate. I canceled everything. There was one seat left on the next flight to London. I didn’t tell Jack or Aimee the full extent of their father’s injuries. I didn’t want to frighten

were always making fun of him. “Oh, it’s only Ozzy.” Ozzy was “the goofball,” “the idiot.” If anything went wrong, it was always Ozzy’s fault. Even then, it seemed odd, because the public absolutely adored him, and when people thought about Black Sabbath, they thought about Ozzy, yet whenever the band spoke about him, he was like the band joke. Then, a month or two later, around the time of the MIDEM fight, I had a call from Tony saying how if I was going to be in Europe we should try to hook

something I never ever dealt with and I stuffed all the feelings about it deep down somewhere I thought I couldn’t feel. And it felt like you had a big hole in your stomach and you would wake up in the morning and there’d be this pain, always this pain. I would just hold on to my stomach. I would moan like an Arab woman. I would wail and keen. And it was the same for Ozzy, he always had this pain. And we were permanently in fear from then on. Nobody outside those of us who had been through it

who you are. And this is obviously The Place. Very elite. And it’s full of movie stars: Catherine Deneuve is there, Roman Polanski is there. The record company guy is very welcoming, very courteous, and so we sit in this booth, sipping our drinks, when Ozzy turns to this guy, our host, and says: “Punch me.” So the head of the record company blinks a couple of times, hunches his shoulders nervously and does a French-type pout and says, “I don’t understand.” “You cunt. I said punch me. In the

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