Five Get into a Fix (Famous Five, Book 17)

Five Get into a Fix (Famous Five, Book 17)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 85

ISBN: 0340681225

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Famous Five are ski-ing - having lots of fun in the snow! But it's not long before they have a new mystery to solve. Like, who is living in the mysterious house near the chalet they're staying in? The caretaker says nobody has lived there for years, but the Five are sure they've seen a face at one of the windows ...A terrified, haunted face, too. Have the gang got the courage to go close enough to the house to find out . . ?

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down the hill, walking as swiftly as before. �She said some queer things,” said Dick, staring after her. �Was that a silly village-tale she told us - or do you suppose there’s something in it, Ju?” �Oh - a village tale of course!” said Julian, sensing that Anne hadn’t liked it much. �What a strange family - a shepherd who spends all his time on the hills - a child who wanders about the countryside with a lamb and a dog - and a mother who stops and tells such angry tales to strangers!” �It’s

tonight,” said Dick, remembering. �I’ve a good mind to go and look out of the window that faces the hill opposite, and see if it’s there again.” He leapt out of his bunk and ran to the window. At once he gave a loud cry. �Come and look! Whew! Just come and look!” All the others, Timmy as well, rushed to the window at once, Timmy standing on his hind legs to see. Certainly there was something queer to look at! Over the hill opposite hung a mist - a curious glowing mist, that stood out in the

torch around to find Timmy. Ah - there he was, scraping at the little wooden bunker that held the oil-cans and the big enamel jug. Julian was astonished. �Whatever’s come over you, Tim?” he said. �There’s nothing here in this bunker - look, I’ll lift the lid so that you can peep inside and see, silly dog!” He lifted up the lid, and shone his torch inside, to show Timmy that it was empty. But it wasn’t! Julian almost let the lid drop down in his surprise! Someone was there - someone small and

hide. That horrible fellow! If he shouted at her as he shouted at us, she’d be scared stiff. I bet he was afraid she’d go and give more of the game away unless she was shut up - might even show us the way into the old house over on the opposite hill!” Timmy suddenly gave a bark - but not a joyful one this time! Anne cried out at once, �That may be Morgan coming back! Hide Aily, for goodness sake - or he’ll drag her out of here and take her back with him! Quick - where shall we hide her?”

ancl Julian caught her arm. They went in wearily, only Timmy seeming to have any energy! A tall man hurried out to help the driver with the luggage, saluting them as he passed. The old lady took them into a big warm living-room and made them sit down. �What a journey for you!” she said. �You look worn out and poorly. It’s late you are, too, and I’d a good tea laid for you. But now it’s supper you’ll be wanting, poor children!” Julian caught sight of a loaded table not far from the fire, set to

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