Flesh and Blood: Selected Short Fiction

Flesh and Blood: Selected Short Fiction

Michael Crummey

Language: English

Pages: 143

ISBN: 2:00196400

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With uncommon elegance and compassion, Michael Crummey has created a community of exiles, characters estranged from their home, from their families or, just as often, from themselves. Set largely in the small Newfoundland mining town of Black Rock, but straying as far west as Vancouver and as far east as China, these stories are subtle, stark portrayals of people alternately looking for or trying desperately to escape their place in the world.

A young boy confuses love and allegiance, then stumbles into the complexities of adulthood; a brother and sister fall in love with the same woman; a frustrated wife protests her husband’s neglect by going on strike with the miners’ union; a lover’s drug habit reunites a woman with the sister she has lost.

Anchor Books is proud to publish an expanded edition of Michael Crummey’s brilliant collection Flesh and Blood, which includes three original stories written just for this edition. Graceful, affecting, and generous of spirit, these stories are unforgettable.

The Meeting Point (The Toronto Trilogy, Book 1)

Vinyl Cafe Unplugged

Barnacle Love

Prague sans toi

Mirror Lake (QA Compact)

Les Souliers de Mandela














walk a memento of the accident in the mine. “He’s doing alright since losing Sylvia,” she says. “I thought he’d shrivel up and die.” Sandy looks down into his glass. “I s’pose you’d do alright without me too,” he says. “If you had to.” He’s gotten so maudlin these days. Hardly sleeping at night, sitting up with old photo albums of the wedding, the children when they were youngsters. And this kind of foolishness. Now’s a fine time, she thinks, to be getting sentimental, to fall in love with a

for a whiskey or two. It breaks up the day, he says, makes the house feel that much less lonely. Georgie keeps a close eye on them. Occasionally she’s slipped and they’ve gone and gotten themselves drunk before supper and then the silly buggers get out of hand. Reminiscing. Going back underground. Reliving the accident. Everett’s leg was badly mangled by the rock fall and he spent the three days slipping in and out of consciousness. For his part, Sandy claims to have spent the whole time praying

She has a daughter who lives here as well.” Lou Ning met them at the door and invited them in, introducing both Patrick and She Ze Ming to her parents. Ning’s father and mother nodded and spoke a few words to Ming. To Patrick’s eyes they both seemed a little guarded. Ming assured him this caution was common among the older generation when they first met foreigners. They were both dressed in non-descript blues and greys, the uniform of the proletariat. They sat together at a dark wooden table in

Even if he had wanted to love me then, I made it impossible. One Saturday morning the summer I turned sixteen, I was pulled out of sleep by the Company siren. ASAMCo provided fire-fighting services for the community and everyone knew the sector codes — one blast meant fire on Company property; two was the north end, from Main Street across to the post office; three was our side of town, from Main Street to Pine; and four meant the townsite to the north of Company housing. As I scrambled

days on my knees. It was the first time I had a concern I felt was worthy of the grand gesture. I don’t know what I wanted exactly. Proof I guess, a sign that God was acting in our lives in some tangible, quantifiable way. Something that Kim couldn’t refute. They made it through late on the third day, and six of the men were found alive. The seventh, Clay Keough, had been killed under the fall of stone. He was only a year away from retirement. “Well,” Mother said, “thank God the other six came

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