Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000

Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000

Eric Wight

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1416964851

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Frankie Pickle returns for another imaginative adventure and this time it all comes down to race cars. Well, not quite race cars, but the Pine Run Derby for scouts. Frankie is in danger of not advancing to the next ranking with the rest of his troop unless he can win the Pine Run 3000. But Frankie wants to do everything on his own so he imagines himself as a world-class sculptor, a mad scientist, and of course, a pro-racecar driver. In the end, Frankie learns that team work is the only way he won't get left in the dust.

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markers, and went to work drawing the coolest race car he could imagine. If only he could wave the marker like a magic wand and turn his picture into a reality. Frankie was a droopy lump on the couch when Dad got home. “Why so glum, Chum?” said Dad. “I kind of crashed my car at school.” As the words came out, Frankie started to cry. Dad put his arm around him and said, “Why don’t we have a look at it. I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think.” Frankie spilled the contents of his backpack onto

“Spiffier it is.” CHAPTER THIRTEEN The big day had arrived. Scout troops were gathered from far and wide for a chance to win the Pine Run 3000. Frankie couldn’t believe how packed the assembly hall was. The entire county must have been there. From across the room, he saw Kenny. They waved their cars at each other for good luck. Kenny’s car looked like a guitar with wheels. Frankie also saw the rest of his troop scattered about the crowd. He had hoped that maybe Carter would oversleep or mix

track is unsportsmanlike conduct.” Melvin tried to deny he was the one who did it, but his sticky fingers gave him away. Frankie had won the semifinal round by default, and was advancing to the final race. But it didn’t matter. His tires were so gunked up from Melvin’s gum, it would be impossible to race again. It was all over. Carter, who had just won his race, walked over to Frankie. “I guess you’re here to rub it in,” said Frankie. “What Melvin did was really lame,” said Carter. “When I

lungs out if Frankie’s mom wasn’t there. Even his best friend Kenny had a hard time keeping a straight face. Frankie had to do something to impress them. “I know how to get free without any help.” He sucked in as much air as he could, then tried with all of his strength to snap the ropes, like a superhero. That only made the knots tighter. The ropes burned his skin. “Stop that before you pop something!” said Mom. “I need to cut you loose.” “Would you like to borrow my safety scissors?” said

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