Gargoyles: Stories

Gargoyles: Stories

Bill Gaston

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0887847765

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this remarkable collection, Bill Gaston crafts his fiction around the idea of the gargoyle — the concrete representation of extremes of human emotions. This marvelous, riotous, Rabelaisian world contains gargoyles that are physical manifestations of the disfigurements and contortions to which human beings subject themselves. Each of the collection's 12 stories has a strange and unique guardian spirit whose sometimes benevolent, sometimes malevolent presence informs the characters and their actions. A boy struggles with self-image and the need to fit in. A grieving parent tries to prevent others from making his mistake; tragedy ensues. A vengeful son settles a score with mom and her new lover. Other stories focus on familial delight, as well as discord in the lives of an over-the-top artist, a drunken uncle, and a bitter writer. All show one of Canada’s finest writers at the top of his form.

Elephant Winter

Des nouvelles de Pickton Vale

EspaceS (Autoportrait II)

Mon Nord magnétique

The Wreckage

Garage Molinari

















grey blobs over ‘the kite trick’?” He refused to tell anyone what the trick was, though Aunt Sally nodded while she confirmed, “It’s a good one.” After breakfast, his parents and Aunt Sally gone, Philip stood in the bedroom door again to watch his uncle pull a canvas hunting vest over a bright red long-sleeved T-shirt and clutch himself, saying, “Brrrr.” He enjoyed being watched. His hair was always wild, standing up in strands that shifted comically as he moved. He would stay the whole day in

denim and cement do not go. No one could say why Andy was there before the cement got poured, wedged between plywood forms a foot apart. The autopsy showed he wasn’t drunk. Nor had he been killed first and dumped there. The word suicide was never ventured, for an odd suicide it would’ve been, Andy jumping in even as he saw the truck coming. To this day he has no clue. As the cement began to fall, Andy was either unconscious, or conscious, and either possibility leads down ten unlit roads. He no

design: Bill Douglas at The Bang Text design and typesetting: Sari Naworynski Author photograph: Clownbog Studios We acknowledge for their financial support of our publishing program the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program (BPIDP). Printed and bound in Canada For Dede Crane CONTENTS I. Wrathful The Night Window Gargoyles The Kite Trick Forms in Winter II. Beneficent

across into the dining room at his flaming hand picture. It was smeared with molasses. He turned to look at me now, and doing so he smiled, snorted, and shook his head. I was no big deal. His cold blue eyes bulged wide and seemed to be taking in far more than just me. Later, in the hearing, I learned he had eyed other thieves, and brutal police, and acts of cruelty I couldn’t begin to imagine. Grimly smiling, he released his wife and whispered to her and she obediently went to the phone. Still

the truth is the only answer possible, and seeing as every night for the past while has indeed been a sort of night out. “Don’t mean to pry, but obviously it’s something a guy — a fifty-pound bald guy — will need to know.” He smiles and I smile back, grateful he’s turned it into a joke, which he continues. “You know, like if the garbage is never going to be taken out and it’s going to be Led Zeppelin at two in the morning.” “It’ll be the Rolling Stones.” “That’s a little better.” “But four in

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