Gleefully Macabre Tales

Gleefully Macabre Tales

Jeff Strand

Language: English

Pages: 265

ISBN: 1626410674

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jeff Strand is the author of a bunch of demented books, including PRESSURE, DWELLER, A BAD DAY FOR VOODOO, WOLF HUNT, SINGLE WHITE PSYCHOPATH SEEKS SAME, BENJAMIN'S PARASITE, FANGBOY, THE SINISTER MR. CORPSE, and lots of others. Three-time Bram Stoker Award finalist. Three-time Bram Stoker Award loser. Four-time Bram Stoker Award Master of Ceremonies.

Strand is perhaps best known for his skill at balancing humorous and horrific elements in one tale. Socially Awkward Moments with an Aspiring Lunatic showcases that rare talent wonderfully.
This story is gross, funny, scary, and just plain disturbing. Jeff Strand is brilliant and he should be locked away.
Bust-your-gut funny. Strand isnt only off his rocker here, hes out of his freakin mind!
Author Strand has the delightful ability to ladle out laughter and horror in heaping helpings, and these stories offer both fun and fear in equally large doses.

Gleefully Macabre Tales

Ready to find an efficient way to unload the truck filled with dead babies? In the mood to giggle at the sight of your own blood? Well, ladies and gentlemen, my ghoulishly funny short story collection, Gleefully Macabre Tales, is now available!

Tales include…

“Disposal” (new to the paperback edition–previously published as a stand-alone hardcover)

“Really, Really Ferocious” (the infamous “wiener dog” story)

“Socially Awkward Moments With An Aspiring Lunatic” (from the long-sold-out chapbook)

“Them Old West Mutations” (just a good old-fashioned “giant man-eating cockroaches in the Old West” yarn)

“One of Them” (a young boy visits a most unpleasant carnival freak show indeed…)

“Roasting Weenies by Hellfire” (sort of like Home Alone, but with lots of splatter, a zombie, and the devil)

A grisly and disturbing version of “The Three Little Pigs” “Mr. Sensitive” (a leg-crossing, cringe-inducing cautionary tale)“BrainBugs” (they’re in there…squirming around…)
“The Socket” (sorry…this one’s sick!)

“Special Features” (it may be the last DVD commentary track you ever listen to)

“Werewolf Porno” and “Sex Potion #147″ (from the sold-out chapbook Funny Stories of Scary Sex)

Gracious! There’s even more…

A couple of serious tales: “Glimpses” and “Abbey’s Shriek”

A double feature of holiday silliness: “Howard, the Tenth Reindeer” and “Howard Rises Again”

A transcript of my 2006 and 2007 World Horror Convention Gross-Out Contest entries (complete with embarrassed author commentary)

And there’s even more amusing depravity! “High Stakes.” “Wasting Grandpa.” “A Bite for a Bite.” “Bad Coffee.” “An Admittedly Pointless But Mercifully Brief Story With Aliens In It.” “Munchies.” “I Hold the Stick.” “Scarecrow’s Discovery.” “Cap’n Hank’s Five Alarm Nuclear Lava Wings.” “The Bad Candy House.” And yes, even more! (Six more, actually.)

Not to mention a few pages of story notes at the back of the book, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

Previously published as a 300-copy hardcover limited edition by Delirium Books.

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