Going Rogue: An American Life

Going Rogue: An American Life

Sarah Palin

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0061939897

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Going Rogue is the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir from Sarah Palin, one of America’s most beloved and controversial political figures. Now with new material, Going Rogue offers plain talk from a true American original about her life, her career, and the future of the country she loves.

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we’re very near the Pacific Rim countries, and that we’re bordered by Canada. But Katie interrupted and I did not complete my answer. I wish now I had stopped her and said, “Here’s the geographical context. Now may I answer your question?” There was so much I could and should have said, and I later kicked myself for not doing so. There was much Katie appeared not to know, or care to hear about. For instance, that Alaska’s geographic position makes our relations with Pacific Rim countries of

salmon in the rich waters of Bristol Bay. It was his Native family’s tradition to make their livelihood and subsist on the water. Todd made more money as a young teen in one fishing season than I’d made with all the jobs I’d ever held, combined over many years. Todd’s grandmother Lena, who is almost ninety, is a Yupik Eskimo elder and was one of the first female commercial fishermen on the bay. His grandfather Al Andree was a boatbuilder. Together Al and Lena helped start the Bristol Bay fishery

the Gathering Centers. Your hard work for industry in America is unsurpassed. Todd misses you already. I want to acknowledge the local and state employees (especially cabinet members and aides) whom I’ve been honored to work with for almost two decades. I’ve seen many true servants’ hearts and Commonsense Conservative minds in the arena, from the City and Borough, to the Legislature, to statesmen in the Washington delegation. Thanks Kate, Sharon, Tara, Britta, Abbey, Janice, Kari, Carol, and

they held the leases, other companies couldn’t come in and compete for the right to tap our resources, so parts of the oil basin were essentially locked up. When Murkowski appointed me AOGCC chairman, one of the first things I told him was that we needed to make sure our resources were not being wasted and hold the oil industry accountable to its contracts. AOGCC functions include maximizing oil and gas recovery, minimizing waste, approving oil pool development rules, and maintaining state

Meanwhile, the executives themselves are armed with bottomless bank accounts and highly trained platoons of fire-breathing lawyers. Thus, reminding our friends in Big Oil that they have a contract that they’re obligated to fulfill was really not going to scare them. A $20 million fine? Pocket change. But with their leases on the line—permanently—the question ExxonMobil executives finally had to ask themselves was, do we really want to give up prime parcels that are loaded with billions of

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