Good Work, Secret Seven

Good Work, Secret Seven

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0340917598

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Peter and Janet are the only witnesses when a car is stolen! They saw the thieves, and now the whole of the Secret Seven are involved. But when they realise they're on the trail of a dangerous gang, the Seven don't feel quite so brave. Have they taken on too much this time?

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everything on the tea-table. There wasn't even a piece of the big cherry cake left! Scamper, who had also been asked to tea, had his own dish of dog-biscuits with shrimp paste on each. He was simply delighted, and crunched them up non-stop. "Now we'll  go  to the summer-house.    We'd better take a candle it's so dark already," said Colin. " And don't forget your coats, everyone! " " And the fireworks," said Peter. So down they all went to the little wooden summer-house, carrying their

finished Jack. "That was the end of our shadowing." " Golly—so they stole another car!" said Colin. "You didn't take the number by any chance, did you ? " asked Peter. " Rather!" said Jack, and took out his notebook. " Here it is, PLK 100. We didn't go back and tell the policeman. We thought we'd race back here and let you decide what we ought to do next." "Good work," said Peter, pleased. "If only we knew where Q lived, we'd know where the men were, and could tell the police to go and

all in a minute. Anyway, I'm not going to talk about the Secret Seven any more, and you needn't think you'll get anything out of me, because you won't, Susie. And please go out of my room and let me get on with this book." " I know your latest password," said Susie, halfway through the door. " You do not ! " said Jack, quite fiercely. “ I haven't mentioned it—and I haven't even written it down so that I won't forget it. You're a storyteller, Susie." " I'm not! I'm just telling you so as

It's a list of the things stolen from the famous cricketer, Bedwall, last night. Whew! Do you suppose we're on to something, Peter ? " CHAPTER THREE Exciting Plans THE Secret Seven were so thrilled that their excitement made Scamper begin to bark again. He just couldn't help it when he heard them all talking at once. He waved his plumy tail and pawed at Peter, who took no notice at all. " It must be a note-book kept by one of the thieves—a list of things he stole! " "What else does it

police would be interested if we could actually tell them the name and address of the man who went off in Dad's car like that—and probably they would make him give the name of the other man too!" This long speech made Peter quite out of breath. The others gazed at him in admiration. It all sounded very bold. " All right. What about now, this very minute, if we can find his address in Renning ? " said Jack. "Nothing like striking while the iron's hot. We could have tea in that little tea-shop

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