Grenadine (Yale Drama Series)

Grenadine (Yale Drama Series)

Neil Wechsler

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0300149921

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Neil Wechsler’s Grenadine has been chosen as the second winner of the Yale Drama Series. The play was selected by Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright and contest judge Edward Albee. Grenadine is the fantastical story of a man’s quest for love in the company of three devoted friends. Albee writes, “I found it highly original. . . . The questions the play asks and the answers it proposes are provocative; the play stretched my mind.”


About the Yale Drama Series

Yale University Press, the Yale Repertory Theatre, and the David Charles Horn Foundation are proud co-sponsors of this major competition to support emerging playwrights. Each year’s winner receives the David C. Horn Prize of $10,000, publication of the manuscript by Yale University Press, and a staged reading at Yale Repertory Theatre. For more information and complete rules for the Yale Drama Series, visit

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Grenadine NEIL WECHSLER Foreword by Edward Albee YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS  NEW HAVEN & LONDON T H E YA L E D R A M A S E R I E S David Charles Horn Foundation The Yale Drama Series is funded by the generous support of the David Charles Horn Foundation, established in 2003 by Francine Horn to honor the memory of her husband, David. In keeping with David Horn’s lifetime commitment to the written word, the David Charles Horn Foundation commemorates his aspirations and achievements by supporting

PRISMATIC   Help me carry them. SCONCE   We have gained nothing from stealing. PRISMATIC   We have gained nothing from starving. BEEKEEPER   Did I not tell you to move along? PRISMATIC   So many jars remain to you, let us take these two. BEEKEEPER   You have five seconds before I set these bees upon you. SCONCE   If Grove were here he would tell you he had no conception of time. PRISMATIC   I have not seen my love in years. If I do not eat soon— BEEKEEPER   What is your love to me? PRISMATIC

joined Nereus, wise man of the sea. PRISMATIC   I was wrong to abandon you, Sconce. SCONCE   I have been following at a safe distance. You missed the turnoff to the main road. PRISMATIC   You might have said something. SCONCE   I thought you might still be angry with me. PRISMATIC   I am angry with you now for not saying something. GROVE enters. GROVE   Pyx? PYX   I am this companion. GROVE   What is happening? PRISMATIC   I am sorry she ended it, Grove. GROVE   It was I who left her. PRISMATIC

We will sharpen some sticks. PRISMATIC   Had we a knife we would be eating the watermelons. SCONCE   We will use rocks. PRISMATIC   On the fish? SCONCE   On the sticks. PRISMATIC   Have you done this before, then? SCONCE picks up sticks, hands them out. PRISMATIC   (Indicating his stick.) I could not kill an ant with this. 14 Grenadine SCONCE   You do not have to. He picks up rocks, hands them out. PRISMATIC   How am I to sharpen my stick if the rock itself is not sharp? SCONCE   How are you

information to him. SCONCE   (To GROVE.) Play your fiddle. He will shout, “I am this music,” and we may locate him thereby. PRISMATIC   Pyx is done shouting. SCONCE   We must have faith. GROVE plays. After a few seconds, the sound of seagulls is heard overhead. PRISMATIC looks up. PRISMATIC   Let us go. He exits. GROVE and SCONCE put on their clothes and follow. The lights fade, then rise on the OLD MAN SITTING ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. PRISMATIC, SCONCE, and GROVE enter. SCONCE   (Aside.) Abel,

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