Guns & Thighs: The Story of My Life

Guns & Thighs: The Story of My Life

Language: English

Pages: 220

ISBN: 8129138824

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In these delightfully candid musings about his life and his cinema, Rgv reveals the man behind pioneering Telugu and Hindi films such as Shiva, Rangeela, Satya, Sarkar, Bhoot and Company. Discussing a wide range of subjects, from the influences and circumstances that drew him to films to his cinematic techniques, his successful and unsuccessful films, his Bollywood idols, his relations with the media and the controversies dogging him, Guns & Thighs is as much about Rgv's life and philosophy of life as about his films and the Indian film world. Characteristically, he pulls no punches, whether he's talking about movies, women or the media. Even when it comes to his own films, he embraces his failures as much his successes and dissects them with rare honesty and humility. Refreshingly contrarian and politically incorrect, this book discloses a perspective as colourful and larger than life as Indian films. It is not for Rgv fans alone but for all those passionate about cinema and the people associated with it.

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to reckon with, and SP Vyas was still around. So I decided to use VT’s ego and short temper as weapons. I made the gang cross a fence from the campus into the residential colony where VT stayed. This time round too, at the last minute, I leaked out the information so as to give him time to run away. VT ran out of his house as we were reaching. We quickly crossed back into the campus. I was counting on VT’s temper and the hurt to his ego at having been forced to run like a coward to do my job for

away, and since it is so, why not just make the best of it while we have it? People close to me keep telling me that I work too hard. The truth is I have never worked in my life. Work is something I define as what you have to do. But if you want to do it, it becomes a pleasure and I have always done only what I wanted to do. Society programmes us through religious strictures and moral obligations into feeling guilty about doing whatever we love to do. As long as death is inevitable, there is no

it so happened that Vidya was right below the roof as he was in the upper berth. In the process of cutting the roof, his face got completely burnt from the heat of the welding torch. Whether he had died before or during this process is anybody’s guess. My cousin Shekar called me en route from Mumbai and said Vidya’s father was coming and I had to break the news about his son’s death to him. He’d only been told that Vidya was injured. I felt terrible that I was meeting this man for the first time

public. The reason for this is nothing but jealousy and jealousy, is a human trait that like lots of other emotions gets magnified in the context of the entertainment industry. The basic reason for jealousy is that people by nature cannot bear anyone else to be successful, and one way of feeling successful even if one has not achieved anything is to watch with glee someone else fail and be ripped to shreds, and the media supplies this pleasure to everyone. I think I truly deserve to be thanked

falling makes them feel as if they have risen. They just stand at the bottom of the ladder and keep commenting on the climber. The only thing they can ever look forward to is for the climber to fall down. Another thing about the inbetweenists is that they themselves don’t realize that they are inbetweenists. This is because their very life force depends on their convincing themselves of whatever they are convinced about for that moment. Their convictions change with time and situations, but in

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