Happy Christmas Hammy the Wonder Hamster

Happy Christmas Hammy the Wonder Hamster

Poppy Harris

Language: English

Pages: 36

ISBN: B005B1XJ38

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bethany is SO excited about Christmas, and especially can't wait to show her super-smart hamster, Hammy, all about snow. But what if Christmas doesn't turn out to be white after all? Hammy has a plan to give Bethany the white Christmas she's always dreamed of...

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Always, his tracking device was switched on, just in case the hamster was anywhere near. One day, he might just get the chance to snatch it. He had almost driven past the school when he saw that the lights were on, and people were leaving. There must be something happening there this evening – some sort of Christmas do. He wasn’t sure which school Bethany and Chloe went to, but this one seemed likely. He parked outside the school gates (which wasn’t allowed) and wound down the window to hear

had to do now was assemble his snowstorm by rearranging his hoard on the wardrobe. Bethany had hung garlands and tinsel about the room, which were very useful for climbing, but all that running about left Hamilton very tired by the time he’d finished. He yawned, and looked at the clock. There was plenty of time for a chapter or two of story before bed. He hadn’t started A Christmas Carol yet, and he liked books by Charles Dickens. Bethany kept her phone and a small torch on the table beside

around the house at Christmas! You’ll find plenty of nuts, fruit and crumbs. Remember what your pouches are for! I love warm snow. Real snow could seriously damage your health, not to mention your whiskers. If your person forgets to clean your cage at Christmas, you’ll have to remind them. Stand on your hind legs, hold the bars with your front paws and do THE LOOK. You know the one I mean. Father Christmas doesn’t mind hamsters spotting him. If you’re having a night run on Christmas Eve, you may

ones for Christmas, you might get the old ones!) A NICE CHUNK OF WOOD TO GNAW ON (Your person has to make sure it’s a kind that’d safe to eat. Apple-wood is best. Anybody got an apple tree?) ENOUGH FRUIT TO FIT COMFORTABLY IN THE CHEEKS (No explanation needed!) SNOW! WARM SNOW! (It wouldn’t be Christmas without it, and it makes Bethany smile.) ACROSS DOWN 4 Hamilton has these instead of feet. Much better for climbing up cupboards. 1 Bethany has to sing one of these in the Christmas play. 6

phoned, Chloe,’ said Mum. ‘She wants you home now.’ Chloe left with a sad and sympathetic glance towards Bethany, and Mum followed her downstairs. As soon as the door had closed, Hamilton scrambled out of his cage, gathering up a mouthful of feathers and taking them to Bethany. ‘Are you helping?’ she said, and lifted him on to her hand, holding him against her cheek the way she did when she was sad. As it was his fault that she was sad in the first place, this made him feel even worse. It was

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