Hazel Green

Hazel Green

Odo Hirsch

Language: English

Pages: 190

ISBN: 1582349401

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Each year, on Frogg Day, a parade fills the streets and children are not allowed to take part,but it hasn't always been that way and it certainly doesn't seem fair to Hazel Green. So she decides to rally the children of the Moody Building to build a float for the parade. But things go awry when she is accused of stealing a recipe from her favorite baker and giving it to his rival. At the same time, the children ban her from participating in the parade because she tried to convince them that their float would topple. But with the help of her friend Yakov, a.k.a. "The Yak," Hazel proves her innocence and leads the children to glory on Frogg Day. From Odo Hirsch, an internationally best-selling author, and in the spirit of Harriet the Spy and Anastasia Krupnik, comes this spunky, unforgettable, irresistible character: Hazel Green. "Sometimes you really are terrible, Hazel." Good, thought Hazel Green. Everyone should be terrible sometimes.

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with the drawing in her hands, explaining all the measurements to Hamish Rae and Alii Reddick. The voice belonged to Yakov Plonsk, and he was looking at the design over her shoulder. 'It will fall,' said Yakov Plonsk again. He smiled contemptuously at Hazel, and then he walked away. Hazel stared, open-mouthed. Hamish Rae grabbed the design. 'It's just the Yak, he wants everything to fall!' he cried, and he ran off with Alii Reddick to show the drawing to somebody else. Hazel didn't chase him.

we will,' said Mr Volio. 'Come on, Hazel, we'd better go.' 'Go? It's almost time to start work,' said Mrs Volio, moistening a handkerchief and dabbing at the flour on Mr Volio's face. 'We have to see someone first, Teresa.' 'Who?' 'A boy called the Yak,' said Mr Volio. 'He lives on top of the spiders,' added Hazel as she followed Mr Volio out. 'Mine are always fresh. You should come into the shop one day, Yakov, and I'll give you one.' The Yak glanced at Hazel. Hazel shrugged. There were

your mother for me,' he said eventually. 'All right,' said the Yak, but his tone was already far away, and he was staring at the cakes again, and Hazel couldn't tell if he was dropping deep into the tangle of a mathematical problem or just trying to decide which one he should try next. 'That's funny,' said Mr Volio, glancing at his watch, 'I wonder where Mr Winkel is. He's usually open for another twenty minutes at least.' They were on the pavement in front of the leather goods shop. Hazel

really are terrible, Hazel.' Good, thought Hazel. Everyone should be terrible sometimes. Mrs Gluck continued working. It was the day before Frogg Day and she had hundreds of orders to prepare. Tomorrow there would be banquets and parties all over the city, and everyone wanted spectacular arrangements of flowers to brighten up the festivities. The whole workroom was a mass of orange, which was the colour of Frogg Day. In the march, everyone wore orange sashes across their chests. Each of Mrs

can't just march, you know,' he said suddenly to Hazel. Why couldn't she just march? 'Oh, no,' said Mr Winkel, smiling menacingly and looking very much like an eagle again. 'You have to have a display, something interesting and exciting, to show your respect for the memory of Victor Frogg. That's just what Mr McCulloch and I were discussing when you interrupted us: this year's float for the Moodey Building.' 'Well, that's all right then, isn't it?' said Hazel, since Mr Winkel had apparently

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