Hello Bastar - The Untold Story of India's Maoist Movement

Hello Bastar - The Untold Story of India's Maoist Movement

Rahul Pandita

Language: English

Pages: 132

ISBN: 2:00211306

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Hello Bastar is the inside story of the current Maoist movement in India

Moscow, 1937

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Moscow, 1937





















place referred to as 'pigsty' by the man and his comrades. On Sundays, the city's middle class would come out in hordes, in their small and big cars, enjoy ice cream at India Gate and then watch a movie at one of the multiplexes. This would cost a family of four at least Rs 1500, more than what 74 million households or 37.2 per cent of India's population earned in two months. The city was a paradox. People would come out to rally for the rights of pet animals, and others would brand their

by his son, NTR campaigned against the Congress. It was also the year when Kondapalli Seetharamaiah was arrested by the police from the Begumpet railway station in Hyderabad. A year later in 1983, NTR rode to power after an impressive victory in the state elections. During this time, the PWG tried to consolidate its position further, entrenching itself deeper in its areas of influence in the state. But soon enough, it was clear that police action against Naxalites would continue in the same

Venugopal Rao alias Sonu is Kishenji's younger brother and is one of the first few Maoist cadres to have entered Bastar. • Amitabha Bagchi, arrested in Jharkhand on 24 August 2009. The Maoists had named him along with Sushil Roy and Kobad Ghandy to talk with the government on behalf of the CPI (Maoist). • Bansidhar Singh alias Chintan da arrested from Kanpur in February 2010 (See 'The Urban Agenda' p. 153.) • Sabyasachi Panda, aged about 42, believed to be the mastermind behind the Nayagarh

of Pavarvel village to inform them about Naxal whereabouts? That too when this is not the only time when the police committed atrocities in this village. In 2006, 17-year-old Ramsay Jangi was picked up by C-60 commandos and beaten up severely. When his cousin Mathru Jangi went pleading that he was innocent, the police assured him that he would be freed after first-aid. In the night, the villagers saw Munna Thakur. They heard him shouting at his men, instructing them to 'finish off the work A

Krishnamurthy, a young rebel leader, about 20 years old, was caught with a few other rebels by the police on 27 May 1969, taken to a forest area and shot dead. This trend continues even now. In various cases, the police have arrested top leaders of the CPI (Maoist) in urban areas, taken them to a jungle, and killed them. Those thus allegedly eliminated like this include Maoist leaders like Cherukuri Rajkumar alias Azad, Patel Sudhakar Reddy, Sande Rajamouli and many others. Later, a statement

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