Hero of Hawaii (Calvin Coconut, Book 5)

Hero of Hawaii (Calvin Coconut, Book 5)

Graham Salisbury

Language: English

Pages: 41


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hawaii boy Calvin Coconut has come up with the best idea ever for his sister Darci's birthday party. But a huge tropical storm hits the islands and threatens everything. It rains and rains. And rains.

The river next to Calvin's house rises high. When Calvin's friend Willy falls into the raging water, Calvin grabs his skiff to save him. As Willy is swept into the bay, Calvin struggles in the wild waves. What happens next shows Calvin what heroes are made of.

From the Hardcover edition.

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grabbed him and dragged him to the surface. He gasped and clawed at me, pulling me down. “No, Willy! Don’t!” But he was desperate. I went under and he let go. I came back up and grabbed him from behind. “I got you, Willy, I got you!” The wind had taken the skiff away from us. Too far to reach. My arm banged something hard. An oar! I grabbed it and hung on with one hand, my other hand gripping Willy’s T-shirt. “Okay, listen. I’m going to let you go. Hang on to my back! ” I shouted.

and Darci, other people, Willy’s parents, and two police cars. “Willy!” I shouted. “You doing okay?” He nodded. Then I remembered Streak! I kicked to get higher in the water. “Streak!” She was close, bobbing in the chop, swimming toward us. She looked like a wet rat. Past Streak, I caught a glimpse of Clarence. His stroke looked strong. “Over here!” I called. Streak finally made it. I got hold of her and wrestled her up. She scrabbled into the half-sunk skiff. Clarence swam hard the

house. “Darci!” I called. “Ledward’s here!” Julio and Willy scrambled to their feet. Darci ran up from the river. “Yay! Yay! Yay!” Ledward got out. He was half Hawaiian, half Filipino, and tall as a telephone pole. He looked down on us. “Is this my construction crew?” “Yeah!” we all said. I peeked into the jeep. The lumber was new. It smelled good. “Can we help you, Ledward?” “Sure can. You going to work in those boots?” I looked down at the tin can stilts. “You like them?” “Used to have

Outstanding 3 Crumbling Like Sand 4 The First Fat Raindrop 5 Awesome! 6 Rising Water 7 The Skiff 8 Hissing, Roaring, Swirling 9 Clarence 10 Bug Explosion 11 The Bridge 12 Tangled Oars 13 Wall of Water 14 Overboard 15 Hero of Hawaii 16 Flat Island 17 A Son with Courage 18 No Blood 19 Absolute Luckiest Mom 20 The Stop Sign 21 Great Riches 22 Heroes 23 Darci’s Famous Day 24 Speechless About the Author It was going to be the most famous party our street had ever seen. In

Mom nodded. “Probably found a nice dry spot to wait it out.” That was when I remembered Streak. I hadn’t even thought about her! Where was she? I ran out into the garage. She wasn’t in her usual spot by the door. “Streak,” I called. “You here?” Streak came crawling out from under the car with a smudge of car grease on her head. I squatted down. She was trembling. “Come,” I said, picking her up. “I got a better place for you.” I carried her into my room, which was right there in the garage.

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