House to House: An Epic Memoir of War

House to House: An Epic Memoir of War

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1416596607

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of the great heroes of the Iraq War, Staff Sergeant David Bellavia captures the brutal action and raw intensity of leading his Third Platoon, Alpha Company, into a lethally choreographed kill zone: the booby-trapped, explosive-laden houses of Fallujah's militant insurgents. Bringing to searing life the terrifying intimacy of hand-to-hand infantry combat, this stunning war memoir features an indelibly drawn cast of characters, not all of whom would make it out of the city alive, as well as chilling accounts of Bellavia's singular courage: Entering one house alone, he used every weapon at his disposal in the fight of his life against America's most implacable enemy.

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different weapons systems. Every man in the platoon is now intimately familiar with everything in our arsenal. Every man can drive a Bradley and work a radio. Every man in my squad goes through combat lifesaver medical classes. I tell them they must be their own medics. At the same time, we carry on with our twelve-to fifteen-hour combat patrols around Diyala. We’re training for a fight while continuing to be in one. It leaves us brittle and bone-weary. Toward sunset, we finally knock off. The

epinephrine—pure adrenaline that will keep a heart pumping even after its owner has been exposed to nerve gas or chemical weapons. A dude with that in his system is almost superhuman. Short of being blown to pieces with our biggest guns, he’ll keep fighting until his limbs are severed or he bleeds out. At the end of the briefing, Captain Sims brings in visitors: reporters who are going with us into Fallujah. The battalion has already determined who goes with what unit. Lieutenant Colonel Newell

record of every soul who goes through the breach. Michael Ware breaks ranks from the cluster of journalists with Yuri in tow. They come over to Third Platoon and offer to take our picture. The platoon lines up and they go to work. The other embeds see this and promptly stream to their assigned units, taking cameras and snapping pictures of the men. As they click away, they are no longer awkward outsiders. Now that they’ve found a way to help us, they circulate among the soldiers and start to fit

every turn. The more I learn about him, the more I want him dead. He’s no ideologue or jihadist, he’s just a criminal selling the tools of death to the highest bidder. He helps blow up women and children for profit. Taking Ali down will save countless innocent lives. Tonight, we are on a sneak-and-peak mission to find his latest hideout. Intelligence reports suggest Ali has moved into a horse farm in the countryside outside Muqdadiyah. Our job is to get as close as we can, get a good look at the

need to stay in this fight.” “Yes sir.” Another block ahead had to be cleared. We started to gather our gear to go and do it. Captain Sims shook his head. “You men rest. You deserve it. I’ll take care of this.” “Are you sure, sir?” Fitts asked as he stood at the gate to the compound. “First platoon spent the night next to a cache. I’m gonna get some photos. Eventually we are gonna have to blow all this in place. You guys earned a rest.” It was a touching moment. In Fallujah, in our worst

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