How the Fox Got His Color - Cómo el zorro obtuvo su color (English-Spanish Bilingual Edition)

How the Fox Got His Color - Cómo el zorro obtuvo su color (English-Spanish Bilingual Edition)

Adele Marie Crouch, Marie Retana

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 2:00219382

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This delightful little story tells of a young girl's time with her grandmother as she relates a legend of how a mischievous little white fox with all his grand adventures going over and under and through became the red fox we all know today.

How the Fox got His Color may well become all-time children's classic and a perfect book for the young reader.

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del césped y las flores". “All of a sudden, he felt something bump his nose. He looked up just in time to see a butterfly flitting off.” "De repente, sintió que algo le golpeó la nariz. Miró hacia arriba, justo a tiempo para ver una mariposa alejarse volando.” “Pretty soon, his nose started to tickle, and … A-CHOO, he sneezed.” "Enseguida, sintió un cosquilleo en la nariz, y... A-CHOO, estornudó". “Well now, when he sneezed,” grandmother said, “a spray of yellow butterfly

dust flew all around his head.” "Al estornudar,” dijo la abuela, “el polvillo amarillo de las alas de la mariposa se esparcieron y volaron por su cabeza.” “Just at that moment, he lost his balance and tumbled, head over heels, down a little hillside.” "Justo en ese momento, él perdió el equilibrio y cayó patas arriba, deslizándose hacia debajo de la lomita.” Grandmother giggled and said, “Ka-BOOM!” La abuela se río y dijo, "Ka-Boom!" “He came to rest when his little backside

he could scoot all the way through to the other end.” "Decidió ver si podía deslizarse hasta el otro extremo del camino." “So,” grandmother said, “That’s how we got the saying, ‘quick as a fox’.” “Así,” dijo la abuela, “ésto es que se inventó el refrán, ‘tan rápido como un zorro’." “The little guy just scampered right in there without a second thought.” "El zorrito saltó adentro sin pensarlo dos veces." “He scooted and wiggled and squirmed all the way to the other end.” "Se

deslizó y movió y se retorció por todo el camino hasta el otro extremo." Then grandmother laughed and said, “When he came out, he was a mess!” Entonces la abuela se rió y dijo, "cuando salió, era una calamidad." “He had wood chips, and dirt all over him.” "Tenía astillas de madera, y estaba sucio por todos lados." “Just about the time he started to wiggle and shake to get the mess off, a fresh spring shower started.” “Para cuando empezó a menearse y a sacudirse para quitarse

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