How to Become a Virgin

How to Become a Virgin

Quentin Crisp

Language: English

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ISBN: 0312395442

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First published in 1991 and now available in paperback, a second volume of autobiography in which Quentin Crisp, arguably England's best known homosexual, recalls his outrageous exploits and his encounters, both hostile and tender.

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as long as Upper Street, was enough to satisfy modern English appetites. Nowadays people wish to see such a fascinating weapon used, preferably on the person sitting next to them. Earlier in the day at the same venue, I too was fighting a losing battle. I frequently found myself haranguing a multitude of three people. When, after three weeks, the evening performances ceased, I asked if I might be spared further humiliation. · The subject upon which I had decided to lavish my rhetorical

that in an eight o'clock show, audiences must be given more. I saw the logic of this decision. However wonderful certain midday plays may be, there is no doubt 109 that at that informal hour, people will accept a lower standard. An evening at the theatre is an outing- a treat. A man chooses ·a. day and books in advance which gives him time to practise looking eager. He washes and finds a girl to accompany him so as to spread the load of guilt that attends all wanton pursuit of pleasure. After

but, except by the gay papers, I was seldom savaged. From Newhaven I went to Washington and New York. There I stayed in the Algonquin Hotel, 167 a deliberately and very charmingly old-fashioned establishment run less for profit than as a shrine sacred to the memory of that far off time when Dorothy Parker was alive and hitching. During my stay there, one of her contemporaries, Mr Connolly, was brought back from the dead to be interviewed in that very room where once stood the round table at

huge metal box into which I had spoken words for Mr O'Connor told me how much time had passed since then. As the years rush by, people become bigger but mechanical devices get smaller. When, as nearly as I was ever likely to, I understood what I was meant to do, a day was fixed for making a record. In a dim basement in Denmark Street, there is a sinister room divided down the middle by a huge glass wall. The two halves of this studio can only communicate through the microphone or by sign

mentioned the time at which the documentary was being shown, they made no reference to the book, and in no advertisement for the book was anything said to connect me with the film. My bewilderment mounted to downright astonishment when I learned that the publishing house and the television company concerned were as one on this matter. You cannot turn your toes towards Golden Square without being asked of any programme you have made, 'Will it be part of a series?' I have no idea whether Mr

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